PS4 fan is too noisy and overheating? Here’s how to fix it

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Wondering why your PS4 fan is making noise and getting louder and louder? You may have the impression that an airplane is preparing to take off in your room. And you must be very bored.

Why is your PS4 fan so loud? How can you make it silent? Do not worry. You will have the answer here. In this short guide, you’ll be relieved to know that you can silence your noisy PS4 fan. Read on and find out how …

You might learn that you can clean the fan from dust to silence it on other websites. That’s right, covered in dust, your PS4 fan might get noisy. But before you clean your fan, there are some other simple but useful things you can do.

Solution 1: Place your PS4 fan in a ventilated place

When your PS4 console heats up, the fan will turn on. If your PS4 is too hot, the fan spins and most likely becomes a lot louder than normal. If there is anything on or around your PS4 console, keep them away. Then wait a moment to see if your console cools down and goes silent.

Just let enough space toback and sides of your PS4 to allow air circulation. Please do not cover your PS4 console with other items, such as towels, your take-off coat, bags or any other item; also please do not collect your items like books with your PS4 console.

Never place your PS4 console in a cabinet, as there will be no room for air circulation.

Correction 2: Turn your PS4 console vertically

Usually we place our PS4 console horizontally. If you turn it upright, it could probably remove some heat and noise from your console. So try to see if your PS4 can be cooler and quieter.

If unfortunately after the two quick fixes above your PS4 is still noisy, let’s move on to the cleaning solution. As we mentioned above, the noise from your PS4 fan is most likely due to dust. So you need to clean your PS4 fan in order to make it silent.

Solution 3: use a can of compressed air

It is the easiest and fastest way to clean your PS4. Take a compressed air can to go through all entrances and vents.

Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean your PS4, as this could likely damage the components of your PS4.

To keep your PS4 in good condition, you can try this method to clean your PS4 once a month.

Fix 4: Open your PS4 console to clean it

NOTICE: Once you open your PS4 console, you will lose its warranty. So if your PS4 is new or used within a year, you can send it to Sony to provide warranty service on it.

We know that a dusty PS4 fan would make it noisy, and if a can of compressed air isn’t working, it’s time to open up your PS4 console for a deep cleaning.

  1. Use a screwdriver with a T8 or T9 torx security to remove the screws. The screwdriver may look like the picture above. If you don’t have one, go to Amazon to easily buy a new one.
  2. Remove the four screws located on the back of your PS4 console.

You should then see its fan and then remove the layer of dust covering the fan. Clean up as much dust as you can.

  1. When you finish cleaning the fan, please put everything back.
  2. Once everything is done, turn on your PS4 and try playing games. Your PS4 should become much quieter, even if it’s the same when it’s new.

I hope this will help you. Please feel free to comment on your own experiences below and share them with your friends if they are also big PS4 fans.

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