Proxy server on WhatsApp? why and how

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WhatsApp continues to innovate in the communication domain on android. In France we have few connection problems but this is not always the case in slightly more remote regions. We think of Africa and South America for example. In some regions, it is worse because it is the political regime in place that controls internet access and censorship. Freedom of expression is therefore in danger sometimes that is why Meta now offers this technological solution.

This may seem quite surprising to see such a feature because indeed it is quite technical but we explain everything in this new tutorial. Even if you don’t travel, maybe you have friends or family in countries like Iran or Armenia. They or they can also do without VPN apps on Android because proxy servers replace them on WhatsApp. And then no one is safe from internet shutdown.

WhatsApp proxy servers, we explain everything to you

In fact, a proxy server is a intermediary between you and the Internet. A kind of gateway that allows you to remain anonymous or bypass computer firewalls a bit too strict. Meta now offers this option within WhatsApp messaging. However, you will need to update your Android application because it’s brand new and that is also why we have chosen this subject.

  • Update whatsapp on android with the download link at the bottom
  • Launch WhatsApp
  • Tap on the 3 dots top right
  • Go to the Settings
  • Select Data usage and storage as shown below
  • On the next screen, go at the bottom and tap Proxy settings
  • Done slide the gray tick to turn it blue
  • Tap Set proxy to enter IP address of the last

Android tutorial for proxy servers on WhatsApp

Once the connection is established with the proxy, you can communicate again. Usually these are offered by charitable and benevolent organizations but still check the address before using it. For disable proxy server, just uncheck on the page as below. You will be connected again via your Wifi or mobile connection.

How to turn off the proxy on WhatsApp Android

  1. whatsapp messenger

    WhatsApp, anytime messaging

    It is the case to say it, with this new functionality, Meta allows users WhatsApp of communicate at any time through the servers Proxy. A great technological advance that will undoubtedly appear in other Android messengers. Competition is fierce in this field and Meta pulled out of the game once again.

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