Plextor unveils a new family of SSDs, the M8V Plus

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The M8V Plus are part of a new series of SSD which succeeds the MV8 of plextor announced two years ago. The new range is based on the same controller as the MV8s, ie the Silicon Motion SM2258 but with a 96-layer TLC NAND BiCS Flash chip from KIOXIA which replaces the chips from Toshiba.

The new SSDs from plextor come in two formats and with four storage capacities, the M8VC Plus in 2.5 inch SATA format and the MV8G Plus in M.2-2280 format.

Regarding the capacities and speeds of these SSDs, Plextor will market four versions: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB with the following read and write speeds:

– Plextor M8V Plus 128 GB: 560 MB / s read (65K), 420 MB / s write (64K)
– Plextor M8V Plus 256 GB: 560 MB / s read (85K), 510 MB / s write (84K)
– Plextor M8V Plus 512 GB: 560 MB / s read (85K), 520 MB / s write (84K)
– Plextor M8V Plus 1TB: 560MB / s read (90K), 520MB / s write (88K)

For endurance, we are talking about 140 TBW for the 256 GB version, 280 TBW for the 512 GB model, and 560 TBW for the 1 TB version.

Plextor offers a 3-year warranty for its new SSDs and the manufacturer announces that they will be released during the month of October without disclosing pricing.

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