OpenAI could offer a paid version of its ChatGPT

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For now, the ChatGPT Chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence is free but not 100% available for everyone, because the servers behind it are super loaded by high demand from Internet users. Users around the world have been using it since the beginning of this year 2023 and its operation will change the concept of internet research and how to find information! A little hello to Google and Bing before it’s not too late.

OpenAI, the San Francisco-based capped-profit lab or company is currently looking for ways to monetize its sculpin and fund its maintenance and development in the future.

For this, the company has launched a survey around a future program called “ChatGPT professional access” in order to study the market and gauge it before taking action. What can be concluded from this online survey is that the ChatGPT will be available in two versions, one free with very limited access to the powers of the AI ​​behind the chatbot and its ability to respond to all your requests. It may be limited to a number of requests per day and also limited in availability. On the other hand, the paid version will ensure high availability of ChatGPT as well as unlimited access to its resources.

What do you think of all this? Are you willing to pay a monthly or annual subscription to have almost the same as in the free version but with limited AI availability?

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