OnePlus could join Honor and Xiaomi among the participants

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OnePlus has not yet confirmed its presence at the MWC 2023 in Barcelona but could well join Honor and Xiaomi to present its novelties for this year.

Trade fairs such as the MWC or the THOSE are seen as a better opportunity for OnePlus and all the other brands in mobile telephony not to be missed, if the company really wants to take advantage of the audience and the media coverage of this event to launch its new flagship products.

While waiting for confirmation from OnePlus, rumors and leaks concerning this brand are making headlines on social networks and websites dedicated to smartphones and news in general. One of these leaks was posted by a certain Max Jambor on Twitter indicating that the Chinese brand is preparing to announce a new smartphone, OnePlus Concept Two.

So two things to look forward to in the following days, confirmation from OnePlus of its presence at MWC first and then more leaked information on this mysterious OnePlus Concept Two which should normally (if true) replace OnePlus Concept One, a smartphone with a leather back surface, a McLaren-style design and an “invisible” triple main camera that the brand presented at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

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