Oculus Quest 2: Wirelessly Play PC Games with AirLink!

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The Quest 2 is one of the most interesting VR headsets on the market. This hybrid can be used stand-alone, but also connected to a PC via USB cable.

However, this Oculus is set to go wireless with the upcoming release of the Oculus Air Link. This new mode allows you to play PC games on your Quest 2 wirelessly, using your home Wi-Fi network.

The company specifies that this feature will not be able to use all Wi-Fi and PC configurations, but if you have a 5GHz 802.11ac or 802.11ax router (Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6) and you are playing less 6 meters from it, everything should be fine.

When will the Oculus Air Link be available?

Initially, it will be available in beta with the release of version 28 of the Quest 2 system software. No specific date has been given, only a “soon”.

Again, keep in mind that Air Link is still experimenting and Oculus says it will strive to improve visual quality, performance, and compatibility with slower Wi-Fi connections.

Impressively, the update will also allow Quest 2 to take advantage of a new 120Hz display mode! As of yet, no game or app supports this higher refresh rate, but developers now have the option to use it, so we don’t think the wait will be too long.

The Oculus software itself will continue to support 90Hz mode, and there will be no support for 120Hz through Oculus Link until “a future version of the software,” according to the company. There is certainly no suggestion that 120Hz will be possible with Air Link.

How do I activate Oculus Air Link on Quest 2?

Note: This will only work if you have PC software version 28 and v28 update on your Quest 2 headset.

In the Oculus app for Windows, go to Settings → Beta and enable Air Link.

Now put on the Quest 2 and go to Settings → Experimental and activate Air Link.

Obviously, one of the downsides of wireless (without a USB cable) is that the headset won’t charge while you play. For this you will need to deactivate Air Link.

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