No more YouTube Stories after June 26

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YouTube recently announced that it will end the Stories function available on its platform for mobile devices and it is from next June 26. So from this date, you will no longer be able to publish a story on YouTube and everything you have published before will disappear.

YouTube Storiesa feature that was introduced in 2017 to address competition, including Instagram Stories And Snapchat, and it was and is currently available to all users and accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers. YouTube Stories are short, ephemeral videos that expire after seven days and are only available on mobile. They allow you to communicate with your audience more easily and promote your YouTube channels, wherever you are.

The death of Stories on YouTube means that the ephemeral content feature has failed and hasn’t been as successful as YouTube Shorts for example which attracts many more subscribers.

I think that neither content creators nor users will be penalized by this last minute decision since they always have other more efficient ways to communicate with each other. For example, YouTube community posts (they are also ephemeral) can be used to share short and quick updates, enter into conversations and also to promote content with subscribers.

YouTube Stories were YouTube’s attempt to embrace the trend of ephemeral content, but they failed to appeal to creators and users. So there will remain a brief but interesting episode in the history of YouTube.

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