Ninebot es2: the perfect electric scooter.

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The electric scooter market is booming. They are part of one of the preferred means of travel of the French. In addition, riding on electric two-wheelers on the sidewalks is very convenient. With the Ninebot ES2 there have been many improvements over the first model. Especially on safety, the braking system has become less abrupt with multiple lights to be clearly visible at night. Even if you transport this motor scooter on public transport, it will not be easy. However, wearing a helmet is compulsory.

Segway, a market leader?

Segway dream to be the world leader of urban mobility. It is a company with a good strategy and an competitive research, with a very large growth in years to come. After the scooters, the Chinese group (famous for its electric vehicles) will go to the onslaught of the electric scooter market. Two new products will be on display very soon: a classic scooter and a vehicle that looks like an electric moped.

It has manufacturers of very high level. A report showed its growth in america North, Central and South America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and others. This report showed in-depth market research. The products of the global Segway market are:

  • Segway with handle;
  • Segway without handle;

The specificities and qualities of the Ninebot ES2 scooter

Like the earlier version, theES2 is fitted with solid tires. In this case, you don’t have to worry about the puncture. On the ES2, construction efforts were made. If you have a habit of riding late at night, a LED lighting on the shelf is at your disposal. Drive safely!

This type of locomotion remains electromagnetic, the ninebot es2 is more progressive. Its brakes are very suitable, moreover, you have a emergency brake on the mudguard. You don’t have to use physical strength to move forward but with a simple motor. The strong points to remember are:

  • Puncture-proof wheels;
  • A possibility of adding a second battery;
  • A beautiful finish;
  • Very comfortable on the way;
  • Completely foldable with its 12.5Kg;
  • Has a 5.2 Ah battery to recharge after 3 hours of travel;

The price of the Ninebot ES2 on the market

When it was launched, the price of the ES2 was 549Euros. Currently, she is available at only 347 euros through a flash sale (Low price). You can always see good deals on the internet to benefit from reductions or an immediate discount, a great price! In addition, the scooter will be delivered with a European charger. Value for money, buying a scooter is very possible.

What is the maximum speed of the Ninebot ES2?

She hasa maximum speed of 25km / h and D’an autonomy of 25Kilometers. You have to ride on cycle paths in order to move freely. But it can double its autonomy by boarding an additional battery.

The circulation of an electric scooter

Typically, a user of rollerblading, skateboarding, and scooter is considered like a pedestrian. Which means, thathe must walk on the sidewalk to ensure its safety with transport vehicles. Likewise, electric vehicles such as : single wheel, electric skateboard, hoverboard, skateboard, electric scooter must roll on bicycle lane.

You should know that, regardless of the traffic lane that you are going to borrow. You must never exceed the 25Km / h. Without forgetting to do not interfere with pedestrians during your trip, that is to say to reduce your speed to a moderate pace (6 km / h).

Flaws to remember

The Ninebot is a city scooter, which means that it is not really made to circulate in all-terrain like drive on small country roads. Its handlebars is not very adjustable. Its weak point is at storage level, unlike an electric bicycle, you have a rear luggage rack and in the front. With this mountain bike, you are obliged to carry a backpack.

Our opinion of the Ninebot ES2 scooter

This electric machine is an improved version of the Ninebot ES1. This new means of transport can compete with some models of electric wheel like the Xiaomi m365. With respect to its competitor, it is less efficient and versatile, but its finish is impeccable. On the handlebars, you can store your personal belongings as the cellphone, a bottle of water. In addition, the Ninebot is available in adult scooter, not just to children.

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