New XP Deus 2 detector with XP FMF technology

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Very good news for our dear readers passionate about detection and metal detectors because a new metal detector has just joined the family of detectors manufactured by the French XP Metal Detectors and more precisely the range XP Deus. Say hello to the new one XP Deus 2.

In the range of wireless detectors from the French manufacturer XP Metal, there are currently only two detectors for sale on sites dedicated to detection and its accessories, the XP Deus and the XP ORX.

The first, XP DEUS, is a detector that has proven itself for more than 10 years. Several updates have been made such as the one concerning version 4.1 and anyone who has an old DEUS dating from 2009 can have the same technical characteristics as a DEUS sold in 2021 on condition that the disc is changed.

The XP ORX, the best-selling, is the high-end detector from XP whose design is identical to the XP Deus but with different characteristics, we can say here that it is the simplified version of the XP DEUS by mixing performance with ease of use. The latter comes in two versions available for sale on Amazon: ORX 22cm HF and ORX Elliptical HF.

Over the past few years, sales of the DEUS range have fallen considerably and the manufacturer needs a new product to reposition its brand again in the detector market against the competition even though XP is the top of its class. against its competitors including MINELAB and this is thanks to the efficiency of its products and the quality of workmanship.

We are not going to compare the XP with MINELAB or another brand like Garret or Ficher, each of them has its market share, its qualities and its audience, just like in the world of smartphones if we want to convince, for example Apple customers to buy a smartphone Samsung Where Xiaomi instead of a iPhone, it’s complicated and I prefer to talk to you about this newborn from the XP brand!

The new Product, XP Deus II Where XP Deus 2, has just completed a large catalog of the brand after years of existence and experience in the field and taking advantage of the latest technologies and know-how of this manufacturer. We are in 2021 and we are still talking about GMaxx(2004) and Gold Maxx Power (2003) among those most nostalgic for Detectorists, we also speak of XP Adventis 2, XP Adx 150, XP ORX (2018), all those detector names I mentioned, allowed the brand to release this super bomb for the entire global metal research market.

XP Deus 2 detector with XP FMF technology

French manufacturer XP Metal Detectors has completed the development and manufacture of its own multi-frequency metal detector. The detector will work on the original FMF technology (FMF FAST MULTI FREQUENCY), a patent filed by the Xplorer company in France since 2016! Simply put, technology means the fast Multi frequencies and increased responsiveness equivalent to MULTI-IQ technology from Minelab.

Multi frequency fast
Thanks to this FMF technology, Fast Multi Frequencies, you can choose between fast and simultaneous Multi Frequencies programs or manually between 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz, 24 programs including 12 customizable programs and weighs 750 grams remote control in pocket!

It’s really interesting because we will have something faster and very efficient, especially the sensitivity very effective on ferrous but all that remains to be confirmed on the ground.

In developing a metal detector based on FMF technology, Alan Lube, the founder of the XP brand, originally wanted to leave the signal processing in the coil. As in the DEUS XP. In 2016, that didn’t feel real, due to the inevitably increasing weight of the coil itself. Today the solution has been found, the battery has been removed from the coil (in the shaft), and the stock has been used for electronics.

The XP DEUS II – FMF also has a remote control fully waterproof to 20 m and shockproof! FMF Technology allows ultra versatility of use: whether on land, at the beach, or in the water, never has a detector gone so far in innovation.

The XP DEUS II – FMF is available in 2 versions with 2 disc sizes and they are already on pre-order from most sellers from € 1,599 :
– The XP DEUS II – FMF – RCWS6 – 22cm
– The XP DEUS II – FMF – RCWS6 – 28cm

The video where we discover the XP Deus II and FMF technology

XP has set up on its site a page dedicated to its new Deus 2 FMF detector, for the moment we have the right to a countdown… Come and see here:

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