Netflix can expand into video games

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Watch out for the video game industry: The world’s largest video streaming platform may be looking to jump into the action.

Between the Stranger Things video game and the Choose Your Own Adventure series like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Netflix is ​​no stranger to creating gameplay or introducing interactive elements.

Still, we may soon see the company doing more than just getting their feet wet.

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Does Netflix work on video games?

According to a report by The Information, Netflix “is looking to hire an executive to oversee an expansion in video games.”

We are unable to find an official job listing for this role online (unlike at this time, Sony openly announced its search for a new mobile developer), but the report claims that various game industry executives were offered a potential role at Netflix. .

So far, few details have been provided, although the company has discussed creating a video game subscription service similar to Apple Arcade. Netflix is ​​also working on something called N-Plus, so maybe we’ll see both services launch at the same time.

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The video game market continues to grow

The pandemic has taken the video game industry to unprecedented heights, so if Netflix is ​​looking to grow, there is no better sector of the market to choose from. In December 2020, MarketWatch has reported that video games are a larger industry than North American movies and sports combined.

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