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Adored by millions of people around the world, video games are first-class entertainment tools. The greatest players know it, it is difficult to give it up when you get a taste for it. However, evolving alone in this fascinating universe is not always easy. Indeed, between inability to progress, bugs or untraceable objects, there is something to be frustrated with. What to do then in these cases? How to calmly continue the game? Discover in this guide, my tips to achieve it!

Guides and walkthroughs for video games

Video game enthusiasts are well aware that some titles can be particularly difficult to grasp. In these cases, the nerves are often strained, as blockages are common. They concern among others intractable puzzles, objects that are difficult to find or an opponent that is apparently impossible to eliminate. This is particularly the case in the primitive instincts season of Fortnite in which you have to beat the guardian of the arrow to obtain the mythical jumping boots.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts, the less patient end up giving up. This is a big mistake. Indeed, there are many resources available online to help you find the solution which will allow you to continue your game. This is particularly the case with guides and walkthroughs.

The guides and walkthroughs are part of what offers, like many other sites of its kind online. You will find a detailed help on the different steps to complete your favorite game. Whether the latter is on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC or even on mobile, you generally won’t have trouble finding a guide or walkthrough to move forward. You just have to go to the Guides or Walkthroughs section to search for your game. I advise you to use the search bar to advance more quickly.

As soon as you find your game, you will see a list of guides and walkthroughs that cover the different story arcs. These are often divided into chapters. You are also given various advice to help you overcome the most encountered difficulties. To benefit from it, simply choose the chapter that interests you and follow the instructions given to the letter. You can then easily evolve in your game.

In addition, the guides and walkthroughs provide you with a list of the different objects that you can collect during your wanderings: equipment, treasure cards, artefacts, weapons … These can significantly improve your skills, which can make the difference when you need to. face a particularly formidable opponent.

In addition, most guide and walkthrough sites for video games do not limit themselves to these options. You also have the opportunity to follow the news and trends of video games: the latest titles released on consoles, PC or mobile

Take advantage of the cheat code to quickly finish your games

The most frustrated and determined to finish their game absolutely will find their happiness in the cheat codes frequently published on sites dedicated to video games. Used well, they allow you to become a formidable opponent. These codes are becoming more and more democratic. You just need to launch a Google query to convince yourself.

The cheat code comes in the form of an instruction that you can enter in your favorite game. Very often, these are alphanumeric sequences or a series of manipulations to be performed. Depending on the case, these codes can make your character immortal or give him extraordinary skills. Others allow you to unlock characters, scenes or objects that are mostly inaccessible.

I take this opportunity to remind you that these operations are illegal and that you can be deleted from your favorite games!

What about other cheats?

Apart from cheat codes, other cheats allow you to easily tame your game. Their principle often remains unchanged: they allow you to modify the intrinsic rules of the game, which gives you a certain advantage on the latter or on your opponents. The most popular are the Aimbot, the Wallhack, the item dumping and the scripts.

The Aimbot and the Wallhack

The Aimbot is one of the most famous cheats. It allows you like a sniper to automatically target an opponent (often to the head) without resorting to your mouse.

As for the Wallhack, it makes your enemies visible, even through a wall. You also have access to certain information on these (distance, standard of living), which allows you to make better tactical decisions.

The dumping item

The dumping item consists in exploiting bugs in order to multiply a resource. It could be in-game currency, armor, or even weapons. The stated objective is to strengthen your character to facilitate its ascent.


Scripts are small programs that allow you to automate certain tasks. With these you can for example create short action sequences that run in a loop for the collecting game resources. In addition, with a script, it is possible to assign to a single key, a sequence of sequences that is rather difficult to achieve. Rest assured, you don’t have to dive into the twists and turns of programming to code these scripts. Most of them are available online at free or paid sites.

Cheats: is it legal to use them?

Cheat codes are usually an integral part of the game and allow you to personalize your experience. Many publishers like Mindscape, Konami or Electronic Arts offer it in their games and sometimes publish them. This is particularly the case in the series of games “The Sims”. However, when these are enabled, it is common for achievements and rewards to be disabled.

On the other hand, the use of cheat codes is less tolerated, or even prohibited in official game contests or more generally in multiplayer and FPS (First Person Shooter) titles. Indeed, in these cases, their use skews the game and as a result, the victory rarely goes to the most deserving. To do this, the developers create small programs to detect these cases of cheating. Sanctions can go from banning the game server to legal sanctions.

Ultimately, many resources are available online to allow you to easily unlock a game. Between guides, walkthroughs and cheat codes, the choice is yours. Good luck !

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