Nasal hygiene in babies

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Nasal hygiene in babies is a task that parents should perform with care and delicacy. It is important to perform this hygiene regularly, especially when the child is constipated. Being able to clean the nostrils can help a baby breathe better, which is essential for getting the best sleep possible.

In the following article we will talk a little more about nasal hygiene in babies and the guidelines to follow to do it in the best possible way.

When to practice nasal hygiene on babies

Such hygiene should be performed on a regular basis to remove as much mucus as possible and cleanse the nostrils. In the event that the baby has a cold, parents should carry out this hygiene with care and ensure that the little one breathes as well as possible. Removing as much mucus as possible is also important so that the little one does not suffer from certain diseases such as sinusitis.

Apart from nasal hygiene, parents may choose to place a humidifier in the room to maintain a humid environment and prevent congestion in the baby’s nasal passages. During the winter months and due to heating, the environment becomes excessively dry and congestion can worsen, hence the importance of using a humidifier.

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Steps to Perform Good Nasal Hygiene in Babies

The first thing parents should do is put their child to bed, on a soft and comfortable surface. The next thing parents need to do is make their child as relaxed as possible. For this, it is good to have the help of your partner or another person.

Then they have to add a few drops of physiological saline in both nostrils. The serum helps to remove the mucus that has accumulated and thus allows the little one to breathe better. Apart from the serum, parents can also use saline solution which helps to perfectly clean the nose.

The famous vacuum cleaner is often controversial and it is only recommended to use it when the mucus is too much. Great care should be taken when using it because if used abruptly, it can cause ear injuries such as ear infections. In any event, experts advise the use of serum whenever possible.

In short, nasal hygiene is very important during the first months of a child’s life. As we have already mentioned above, this is something that must be done with care to avoid making the baby too nervous. Hygiene must be done with the child totally relaxed and apply in the vast majority of cases, physiological serum or saline solution. Congestion in babies is quite commonHence the importance of good hygiene to remove excess mucus from the nasal passages.

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