My iPhone is no longer charging: What should I do?

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It may happen, despite all the precautions you take it, that your iPhone no longer charging even though you have connected it to a power source, or when it indicates that it is charging but that the level does not move, that the charge is slow, that the smartphone is discharging at lightning speed, heat up abnormally, or display other symptoms during charging. Don’t panic, in this article we are going to find you a simple solution that will allow you to restore an optimal charge to your iPhone.

Check your iPhone charger as well as the power source

If during your attempt to charge you notice that your iPhone does not react, the problem may simply be your cable or even the electrical outlet. For the latter, try to connect another device to check that it is working properly.

iphone charger

If you have a iPhone 8 or higher, think well of the fact that you have the possibility of charging your smartphone wirelessly thanks to the induction.

iphone induction charge

You can thus try to connect your device with a compatible cable on a wall outlet, on the USB port of a computer on, on a charging station, etc. If the load does not work on one power source, try another. Do not hesitate to test other devices on these same power sources to verify that the problem does not come from them. If they are working properly, the issue is probably your cable or charger.

Then examine your cable or your USB adapter and check that it does not show any broken or bent pins, for example, or even cuts. In case your iPhone shows you Accessory not supported or not certified, use another charger or a cable compatible with the apple brand.

Check the status of your iPhone’s Lightning connector

lightning iphone

A lightning connector dirty can cause false contact with the charger, it may seem wise to check it if you notice that your iPhone is no longer charging.

Be careful, however, as this part of the iPhone is fragile, if you notice the presence of dirt or dust inside, it must be cleaned. slowly : Slowly insert a toothpick or better yet, the small tool used to take out the SIM card and make it move to loosen the dust or dirt that has accumulated there and blow into the port. Repeat this procedure if necessary.

If the problem is hardware-related and it is necessary to replace the Lightning connector on your iPhone, you will either need to send your device for repair at an Apple store if it is guaranteed or under insurance, or to cover the repair costs. near an Apple Authorized Service Center.

If you’re lucky, your provider where you purchased your mobile plan may also take care of troubleshooting.

Restart iPhone

Sometimes a simple restart the device may be sufficient to restore its charging function. The procedure varies from one model to another, here is how to proceed depending on the one you have:

For iPhone X, XS and XR models:

  • Hold the volume up button and the volume down button together.
  • Press and hold ON / OF until the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 8 and above models:

  • Hold the volume up button and the volume down button together.
  • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models:

Press and hold the side (or top) button and the volume down button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.

For iPhone 6S and earlier models:

Simultaneously press and hold the side (or top) button and the home button until the apple logo appears.

When your iPhone has restarted, charge it again for thirty minutes.

If you are unable to restart it, then we recommend that you reset your iphone.

Place iPhone in a cold location if the battery heats up

While it is perfectly normal for your device to heat up slightly while charging, if you observe that the your iPhone battery Heats up too much compared to usual, the charging software in your device can then limit the charge to 80% to preserve your battery. If so, move your iPhone to another cooler location before resuming charging.

Check the Optimized Battery Charging function

Allowing you to extend your battery life, this feature uses machine learning to learn your daily charging habits before charging your iPhone to 100%.

During the software update, this function is enabled by default. So, if you find that your device is only partially charging, go to Settings > Select Drums > Battery status > Disable Optimized battery charging.

iphone battery status

Conversely, if you want to speed up the charging of your iPhone, if the function Optimized battery charging is activated, press and hold the notification appearing on the lock screen until the button Reload now appears and complete your charge.

If, despite all these attempts, your iPhone still doesn’t want to know anything and it no longer charges, it’s probably time to change your battery. We strongly recommend that you do not perform this replacement yourself, especially if you are not used to doing it. If you have an iPhone 6 and want to know how change the battery, you will find here how to do it. If he your iPhone no longer turns on, read this article before considering its replacement and if you really want to part with it, resell your phone and take advantage of the money obtained through resale to buy a refurbished one!


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