Music in the shower with the Aquafonik speaker from Olixar

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You’re, I’m sure, one of those people who love to sing in the shower. Singing is good but in music it is even better. You use your laptop in the bathroom but with the noise of the water, the sound is not terrible, the aquafonik speaker will solve this problem.

A waterproof enclosure: what is it?

The aquafonik speaker has an interesting design since it is round in shape and flashy in color (blue, pink, green). Ideal for bringing a touch of color to your bathroom. The concept is simple to have a speaker in the shower, waterproof, to be able to listen to music without risk and have quality sound. Very easy to use, all you have to do is fix the speaker wherever you want with its suction cup. The device works without a battery, it is recharged via a USB cable. The speaker has 5 keys: on / off, forward, back, pause / play, phone.

Does it really work?

To listen to music, it’s very easy. Just keep pressing the ON button, search for Bluetooth, connect your phone and select your music. To change the song, all you have to do is click on the before or after buttons, while to vary the volume you have to stay locked on the button before or after a few seconds. Sound and light signals indicate switching on, off and connection of the device. The sound quality is correct and allows you to hear the music better despite the sound of flowing water. The call function allows you to contact the last number dialed. This function is not very useful in my opinion but you never know if you feel unwell in the shower, why not. The suction cup fixes the object well on the wall. This Aquafonik speaker is a practical object made with materials that appear strong and permeable.

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