Most people still don’t know what Cloud Gaming is

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Apparently, four out of five of us don’t know what cloud gaming is capable of.

Research has revealed that, despite its apparent prevalence, very few people actually know what cloud gaming is.

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Four out of five people don’t know what cloud gaming is

Cloud gaming is nothing new. There are tons of cloud gaming platforms out there. Google Stadia is a cloud gaming platform model. Nvidia’s GeForce Now is also a cloud gaming platform, though its uses are completely different.

However, according to a study byOmdia , four out of five people are not aware of the potential of cloud gaming. By this we mean they don’t understand what cloud gaming can do and what they can use it for.

What Is Cloud Gaming?

In a nutshell, cloud gaming platforms allow you to access games that platform providers store on a server, without having to use a console.

Google’s Stadia service, going back to the previous example, has a library of games that users can access through Google’s Stadia servers.

Some of these games are free, as part of a paid subscription, while some cost the full price of a digital title on, say, a console. You can then play the Stadia games anywhere, as long as you can access the app on a compatible device.

Nvidia’s GeForce Now has absolutely no title. Instead, it acts as a go-between, letting you access games you already own on Steam and in your Epic Games account.

Do More People Need To Know More About Cloud Gaming?

As developers launch more and more cloud gaming services, this data makes one wonder why so many brands are bringing new platforms to such a small group of people.

If four in five of us don’t know what Coud Gaming is capable of, then maybe those who market them should educate potential users more. That way their user base will grow, and maybe we can justify an abundance of cloud gaming platforms.

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Right now, it seems that an already small market is increasingly saturated with services that most people are not even aware of.

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