Mobile games: a lucrative market for game developers

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We no longer go out without him, the mobile has become an extension of our hand. The smartphone has evolved a lot in 20 years. It can now be used as a TV screen, newspaper and console controller. The games available on mobile have nothing more to envy to PC games and consoles. And that, the game developers have understood.

Mobile at the heart of creators’ strategy

In 2020, the mobile is an essential daily tool for French people. With more than 88% of the population owning a mobile phone in 2020 and more than two hours per day spent on it (increase of 27% compared to 2018), the optimization of sites and games on mobile is the number one priority. companies. In 2019, 89% of the time spent on the mobiles took place on applications (Apps). An even more surprising figure: no less than two billion Apps were downloaded in 2018, half of which were games. The global mobile games market represents no less than 101 billion dollars and a turnover in France of 1.36 billion dollars. Something to attract the attention of game developers, whether on Android or iOS.

Optimizing mobile games to appeal to 88% of French mobile users

Avant-garde companies had already felt the tide

It is already a long time ago, when we played the snake game on our Nokia 3210. Since then, the Android generation was born and offers us thousands of games on demand. Many developers, however, felt the tide turn long before the current craze and entered the online gaming market. Gameloft was one of the first players in the mobile games market with the very famous games Prince of persia er Rayman. With the arrival of the iPhone and the democratization of the Android operating system, the mobile games market is starting to experience success, particularly with Angry bird and Fruit Ninja. In the entertainment world, other major players are also starting to take an interest in it. The Betway online casino gaming site has chosen to optimize its games very early on, so that their users can enjoy many slot machines or roulette games in HD. The vast majority of games offered on PC are compatible with Android and iOS mobiles and are now available on their application.

Our favorite console and PC games are now available on mobile

Long pointed out by gamers as being a support dedicated to talented players and novices, mobiles are now experiencing incredible success. Fortnite, a game that was initially only available on PC and console, has been adapted by its publishers for mobiles. This game phenomenon was a real success when it was released on mobile, with 15 million downloads in just three weeks. More recently, Timi Studio developed the mobile version and Free Play (free) from Call of Duty available on Android and iOS at the end of 2019. FIFA and NBA 2K19 also chose to release mobile versions of their iconic game the same year. The retro games in turn invade our mobiles with the very famous titles Invaders and Tetris. Following Netflix’s business strategy, the giant Apple is launching Apple Arcade and now offers on-demand gaming subscriptions at 4.99 euros per month. The players have a catalog of a hundred games which were formerly paid for individually. Access is unlimited and no advertising taint the gameplay.

What future for mobile games?

The arrival of 5G could mark a turning point

Expected during 2021, a 5G is the high-tech revolution of this decade. It is synonymous with new opportunities and promises us wonders. One of its biggest advantages will be the connection speed, which is 100 times more powerful than 4G. With shortened latency no matter where you choose to play, multiplayer and live games will experience a renaissance. Likewise, in the years to come, we will see an increase in games using augmented reality or virtual reality.

Cloud Gaming, a new way to play?

Cloud Gaming is also a novelty eagerly awaited by gamers around the world. The concept ? Play games on different platforms (PC, Android, iOS, tablet, console) without having to bear the weight of graphics and data calculation on the system itself. This format is reminiscent of entertainment services such as Spotify and Netflix. As mentioned above, Apple has already released a first version of its Cloud Gaming with Apple Arcade. On the side of the video game giants, Sony has so far released a version, the Playstation now, only available on PC and PS4. Google has meanwhile released its first edition of Stadia, linked to its Chromecast Ultra, but for the moment still in the test stage and far from the range of possibilities offered by Netflix. Cloud Gaming is only waiting for 5G to democratize.

In barely 20 years, mobile gaming has changed and now competes directly with ancestral computers and consoles. With 5G and Cloud Gaming, mobile games still have a long way to go.

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