Mix up to AM music from local drive to Soundcloud

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You just have to try this. This sort of thing may also be the future of digital DJing. Not today, not next week, not even next year. However, you’re trying to tell me that you don’t see how easily it could all go in that direction actually. In this article, we are going to talk about Mix Until AM Music From Local Disk to Soundcloud. Let’s get started!

Basically there are two Finnish designers who came up with Until AM. This is a web-based DJing application (currently in beta) that combines the music on your hard drive with the music on SoundCloud. And it also allows you to mix on a simple two-story online interface seamlessly with the batch.

Mixing music and experimenting with sounds isn’t as easy as creating a playlist (or also a mixtape?). It’s also a lot of experimentation, and that takes a good ear and a really good idea of ​​what you’re doing. It also requires the use of complex and expensive software which is also worth investing in if you know you are going to use it and use it frequently. For those who are just curious about mixing music and then trying their hand at DJing. There are Until morning, a very simple web application that also lets you mix two songs from your local drive or SoundCloud. You can increase or decrease the playback speed, independently control the volume of each song and also manage the delay of each.

Mix up to AM music from local drive to Soundcloud

To add a song, you can use the tabs in the right column. There is also one for SoundCloud complete with a search bar, and another for selecting from local MP3 files. You can also search for the file you want to use or search for a song in the SoundCloud tab.

Choose the song and drag it to the disc area. Just press the play button next to a disc to play the song. The speed controls for each respective song are alongside and properly labeled. You can also speed up or slow down playback. The progress of the song can also be followed from the progress bars at the very top. The name of the song currently playing on each disc is also displayed at the top of each progress bar.

You can scroll down through the delay settings and also use the mouse to select a delay point. The delay is plotted between reverb and echo and changes in sound can also be heard live. When you play with these, or any other kind of settings.

A single command in the middle also allows you ‘to mix together’ both songs. By default, the mix is ​​also set to mix the two songs evenly. However, you can also modify according to your own taste. The middle two sliders basically let you manage the volume of the two songs, again independently. Until AM is really basic, however, it’s great for playing along with just your local music. And try out the DJ without even having to understand (or buy) complex software.


Well, that’s all on my end. If you want to know more about this article or if you have any questions. So feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a nice day!

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