Microsoft starts removing Flash from Windows 10

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The end of Flash is near, but there is a way to keep the program if you still need it.

As Flash begins to show its age, companies are dropping support for the old animation format. Microsoft has been threatening to remove Flash from Windows 10 for some time, and now the company is releasing an update that does just that.

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Tell Sayonara to Flash on Windows 10

Windows Latest a discovered the Windows 10 update that strips the operating system of Flash… at least, most.

The Flash Bane update is called Windows 10 KB4577586. It’s marked as an optional update, but when you click “Check for Updates” it downloads and installs automatically.

It only takes five minutes and a restart to get the update to your PC. After that, Flash will be cleaned from your computer. Once it’s enabled, you can’t delete it again, so make sure you want to remove Flash from your PC before you download it.

If you want to keep Flash, but don’t want to suspend Windows Update, there is a way to keep it. The update will remove Flash only if Windows 10 installed the plugin itself.

As such, if you, a third-party program, or a browser installed Flash on your computer, Windows should not remove it in this update. If you want to keep it, manually install Flash, and you should be fine. If you want to get rid of Flash, be sure to uninstall all third-party installations of the software before downloading the update.

Why is Flash on the chopping block?

If you don’t know why Microsoft’s mission is to clean Flash off everyone’s computers, it’s because the program poses a major security risk to people’s PCs.

Flash was once a loved and beloved plugin, but it has become more buggy and less secure over time in recent years. 2016 marked the first nail in the coffin of Flash when Google Chrome blocked the Flash plugin from running.

Since then, people have slowly moved away from Flash until Adobe itself discontinued support in December 2020. Now that Adobe is no longer updating Flash, this is a huge security risk and should be. deleted.

As such, Microsoft is doing its part to make sure everyone’s computers are clean of Flash, even if the user doesn’t even realize what Flash is or why it’s on their PC.

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Gone in a flash

If Windows 10 has Flash installed on your system, the new update for Windows 10 will help remove it. You can choose to keep it by downloading it manually, but it won’t be long before Microsoft comes for these versions as well.

If you are afraid to think how many Flash games will soon be gone forever, you can download Flash games from the Internet to keep them forever.

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