Microsoft Edge 110 and Split Screen Mode

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Edge’s new Split Screen mode is a new feature Microsoft is testing right now and is expected to roll out this year in upcoming public releases of its Microsoft Edge browser. This is a browser feature that allows you to split the screen and use two pages, side by side and all in one single window.

This Split Screen or screen sharing mode already exists on operating systems such as Windows 11 and MacOS, I have seen it and tested it even on a Samsung Galsy S21 smartphone and therefore on Android. Frankly this mode plays a big role in productivity on a PC.

And on a browser like Microsoft’s Edge, “Split Screen” mode will make it even easier to work with two pages without dragging tabs or arranging windows with the ability to resize split tabs and open links side-by-side.

You can also see and test an option similar to this on the Vivaldi web browser which meanwhile allows you to divide a window even into four tabs.

“Split Screen” or “Split Screen” mode is available in version 110 of Microsoft Edge and only for beta testers in the Windows Insiders program and on the Beta, Dev and Canary channels. If you are in this Microsoft program, here is how to activate this mode:

1. First install version 110 of Microsoft Edge Beta affected by this new feature, it is available on the Beta, Dev or Canary channels.
2. Then, type in the address bar of the browser the following address: edge://flags/#edge-split-screen and activate the option on We.
3. Restart the browser.

Open any web page and click the “Split Screen” button in the toolbar. The browser will then open a new tab next to the current page.

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