Microsoft Defender Antivirus is now available in Android version

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Theanti-virus or the flagship software of the Redmond firm, the Microsoft defender antivirus is now available in application version for users who have an Android smartphone.

Microsoft has made no secret of its intention to develop a version of its antivirus intended primarily for Windows for iOS and Android in order to reach more people and has been doing so for months.

Today and after test versions (Preview), Microsoft Defender for Android is now available and downloadable directly from Google Play Sore but only for users who have a Microsoft 365 Enterprise subscription, for now and it is not yet known if it will be reserved just for companies and professional users or even for the details.

Regarding the features of the antivirus under the Android operating system, we can cite here the anti-phishing system or rather in French anti-phishing which instantly blocks any temptation to access a dangerous and malicious website from an SMS, a message from a messaging application such as WhatsApp or Messenger, also from an email or any other application.

Antivirus Microsoft Defender for Android also allows you to block unsecured connections with technology Microsoft Defender SmartScreen.

Other features and options are available in this version of the antivirus such as for example the integration of conditional access which prevents certain applications from accessing sensitive data on the device.

To download it, here is the link to access it on the Play Store.

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