Micro SD write-protected format ≫ Fixed

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Format a Micro SD with write protectionIt’s a complicated process, but not impossible if you know the steps to follow. In this article, you will find all the information you need to unlock the storage drive and format it. In this sense, it is important to know that there are different ways to blockbecause it can be external (with a switch), software (with read-only attributes), or factory.

By knowing the different types of protection that exist, you will be able to implement the appropriate method to unlock the drive then format it. Read attributes installed in the software after manufacture can be deleted through Diskpart Command Tool. However, this procedure will not work if the Micro SD card lock is external or factory.

Previous proceedings

When you want to format write protected Micro SD, there are some aspects to consider and previous procedures to achieve. It will be necessary above all scan the storage drive and check the type of lock it can have.

Scan with an antivirus

It is important that before opening a Micro SD or other type of storage unit in the computer, a scan to device with antivirus software. This is extremely important if it is a unit that is constantly used in other computers for the exchange of information, because could easily be infected.

In order to protect your device and removable memory against malware attack, it is essential install an antivirus program (if you don’t have it yet). Some of the most recommended among users are as follows:

You can get each of the mentioned tools for free. Simply click on the name and you will access the official website downloads quickly. They all meet the basic functions you need in order to protect your computer and scan your memory Micro SD for malware.

Check the locking method

Write protection can be easily removed if it is an external block. Make sure to check if the Micro SD card or its adapter, has a lock switch. In which case, you will only have to change its position to unlock it.

On the other hand, you can check if the Micro SD has read-only attributes by right-clicking on it and pressing the “Properties”. Or from the Diskpart console with the ATTRIBUTES DISK command, after selecting the drive. If you have verified that this is the blocking method, you can unlock it from Diskpart or Regedit.

On the other hand, lock can be factory set. This happens when companies distribute games or programs using Micro SD cards. Unfortunately, in these cases it may not be possible to format the drive.

Use Diskpart commands

To start, insert the Micro SD into the computer using an adapter and open the Windows command console with administrator permissions. For it, type CMD in the search bar, right click on the result and select “Run with administrator permissions”. Once done, follow these steps:

  1. Write “disc part“And hit the enter key to run it.How to Format Write Protected Micro SD Memory with Diskpart Command Tool Step 1
  2. In the new window, run the command “Disk list”. This will display the list of detected storage devices. You will be able to recognize the drive you want to format by the amount of memory it has. You will see that the system identifies it with a certain number.
  3. To select the Micro SD type “select disk“Plus the number that corresponds to the unit you want to select.”
  4. Enter the command “disk attributes erase read-only“And hit enter to run it and clear the read-only attribute.How to Format Write Protected Micro SD Memory with Diskpart Command Tool Steps 2, 3 and 4

Use Regedit

Insert the Micro SD into your computer using an adapter and open the Windows registry editor. To do this, you must access the application “Classes”By pressing“Windows + R”, Where you should To writeRegedit“And hit the enter key. Then just grant the app the permissions it needs to run.

Later you will have to look for the folder “StorageDevicePolicies“By following this route:”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet> Control”. Once inside, double-click on “Write protection“And change the value data to 0.

If it does not exist, you will need to create the “StorageDevicePolicies” folder to the place “Control”. After that, just follow the above procedure and change the WriteProtect value to 0. The same goes for “Write protection“Which should be created as a DWORD value if it doesn’t exist.”

To note: It is important to remember that with this method you can only remove write protection and later you will have to format the drive.

Format the drive

After removing write protection You can format the Micro SD normally. You just have to right click on the unit and pressFormat“. You will be able to change several basic aspects, but it will work fine leaving the default options. Just press “Start”And confirm the operation.

Some people prefer perform this procedure via a third-party tool, in which case EaseUS is recommended. If what you want is delete all data from the drive and prevent files from being recovered, you will need to perform low-level formatting. In this case, it is recommended to use the HDD Low Level Format Tool.

As already mentioned, if the only protection consists of a switch that physically locks the card, you will simply have to change its position. However, if the Micro SD has read-only attributes, it will be necessary to perform another procedure. This can be through Diskpart or from the system registry. In some cases, write protection cannot be removed to format the Micro SD, as it is included by factory default.

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