Mac: Learn how to change the location of your screenshots

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For business or personal reasons, do you usually take screenshots on your Mac? You should have noticed that the images are saved directly to your Desktop, rather than in a folder created for this purpose.

By dint of storing them on your screen, it becomes cluttered very quickly, enough to ruffle your hair if you are one of the most picky users.

To help you see more clearly and rearrange your Desktop, we’ve shown you how to change the save destination for your screenshots.

Change the location of Mac screenshots to Mojave, and later versions

By default, your screenshots on macOS are stored on the Desktop and have a name such as “Screenshot 2021-01-28 at 16.20.56”, indicating the date and time of the recording.

However, since the macOS Mojave update released in 2018, it’s very easy to change their location. To do this :

  • Press the keys Command + Shift + 5.
  • Click on the tab Options.
  • Choose a folder already listed, or go to Other location.

You can choose from the following options: Desktop, Documents, Clipboard, Mail, Messages, Preview. If you prefer Other location, then you can navigate to the file where to store your image.

Once changed, this is where your captures will be saved.

Change the location of screenshots on older versions of macOS

If your Mac is running a version older than Mojave, then you will need to go through the application Grab that you will find in your Utilities folder. This then allows you to save your captures in the folder Documents.

On the other hand, if this destination does not suit you, then follow the steps below to modify it:

  1. Click on the Finder.
  2. Create a new folder by right-clicking on the Finder window, then name it Screenshot for example.
  3. Now press Cmd + Space, then enter Terminal to open the utility.
  4. In Terminal, type the formula: default write location
  5. Drop your previously corrected Screenshots folder there.
  6. Press on Entrance, then type killall SystemUIServer

Please note, we do not recommend that you delete the folder you created!

In case you want to access your screenshots from the Desktop, why not create an alias? To do this, locate the folder in your Finder and right click on it. Then choose Create an alias, then drag it to the desktop.

Finally, to return to your default location, return to the Terminal and type defaults write location ~ / Desktop, then press Entrance. Finally, type killall SystemUIServer.

Save screenshots via clipboard

Function Iprint screen of a PC works differently from that of a Mac. Indeed, in Windows, saving a screenshot is not done directly on your Desktop but in the clipboard. You must then open Photoshop, Paint or any other editing application, create a new document and paste your image into it.

On Mac, to have this functionality, you must simultaneously press the keys Cmd + Shift + 4 to obtain the viewfinder, then drag the cursor to the desired area while holding the key Ctrl pressed.

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