Mac: 3 Ways to Enjoy Your Computer Without Opening It

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For a number of reasons, using your MacBook when it is closed can help. You can, for example, plug in an external display and move your laptop to free up space on your desk.

You may also want to download software, etc., or just listen to music from your Mac without needing to leave it open.

However, if you want to prevent your Mac from shutting down, or simply turning it on, once closed, then you will need to go through a few steps that we detail below …

Using a MacBook in “cover closed” mode

We’ll start by covering the first scenario you might come across, which is using your closed MacBook with an external display. The process is quite simple, to do this:

  • Connect an external keyboard (Bluetooth or wired).
  • Connect an external mouse (Bluetooth or wired).
  • Connect an external monitor.

If you are using Bluetooth devices, make sure it is turned on and the devices are paired with your MacBook.

Once your Mac’s desktop appears on the external display, lower its cover. Even if your monitor turns off, it will eventually show up.

You may need to connect your MacBook through a adapter, but it is not always necessary.

Turn on your MacBook in “cover closed” mode

It’s easy to wake your MacBook from its sleep state without opening the cover, just click or drag the mouse or type on the keyboard. But how do you start it without accessing its power button?

  • Click on Apple.
  • Open them System Preferences.
  • Go to Drums.
  • To program an activity reactivation, click on Program.
  • Then tick Start or reactivate and choose the days and times you want your Mac to start on its own.

Please note that the Mac only turns on when it is plugged into the mains.

Prevent your MacBook from going to sleep in “lid closed” mode

Want to get a good night’s sleep downloading content or syncing your Time Machine backup without the hassle of keyboard or screen light?

The problem is, your Mac goes to sleep when you lower its cover if it’s not plugged in and connected to an external display, and even after choosing your system preferences.

To work around this problem, there are third-party apps that allow you to prevent your MacBook from going to sleep after its cover is closed:

  • Coca : available for free on the App Store
  • Amphetamine : available for free on the App Store
  • Caffeinated : available for € 4.99 on the App Store

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