Love: discover virtual encounters.

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Meeting true love is sometimes within reach. All you have to do is enter a website or open an application on your phone. Far from the simple one-night stands sometimes described on these media, dating sites also allow you to connect romantic people in search of love. Whether you are convinced or doubtful, the best way is to make up your own mind. You can try by activating the meetic promo code. And here are some tips to make your first steps easier.

The profile you will take care of

Celibacy is in constant increase in our society. Faced with this problem, there is no shortage of sites and applications, some are even specialized for socio-professional categories or types of meetings. Once you’ve found yours, like in a bar or on the street, the first look you get will be decisive. It’s important to take care of your profil. Be specific about the description, what you expect from a relationship, highlight your passions (travel, music, art, reading …) or details of your personality.

Warning, profiles are public so avoid personal information like your address, number or place of work. Above all, you must choose a great pic. Because this photo will be the first contact between you and the person who will see your profile. If the photo will not do everything, it will convey many clues about you and will encourage the person to read your description and then to possibly want to dialogue to get to know you.

Original you will be

On the internet, the competition is fierce and the decision time even shorter than in reality. So, faced with a profusion of profiles and numerous “likes” to initiate a conversation, it is preferable to be original, without inventing a personality. Highlight your character traits, which makes you vibrate. And don’t try to please everyone. It’s not the number of contacts that matters. Favor real contacts to really take an interest in the person behind their screen.

To people you will be interested

A dating site is not a love supermarket. Or at least not if you’re looking for something serious. There is packing, we just talked about it with the profile picture. But if you are looking for a meet romantic, which is totally possible on the internet, it is advisable to to be interested in others, to the details in the presentation that can make the difference. The soul mate is not always seen at first sight. This is also true on the internet. Exchanging a few words in writing live says a lot more than a thoughtful description and a chosen photo. And after the writing, why not move onphone call to deepen this knowledge?

The real meeting you will accept

If after a few days spent talking by phone, you feel that the current is flowing, do not hesitate to meet the person: in the real world. An app or a site is a great way to connect these days. But afterwards, it is advisable to transform this virtual contact into reality without waiting too long. Of course, it is advisable to be careful as with any meeting, for example by privileging a public place for this first contact. In a few minutes, you will know much more. See from head to toe through the eyes, observe the movements, behavior, hearing the voice… It is an important step to validate or not the first impressions born through a screen.

Sincere you will be

  • This is not a game. The internet can feel like a dematerialized love. But no matter how the contact is made, the feelings are real. And sensitivity can be affected by disrespect both online and over a drink. So treat other people like you would like to be treated. Be sincere and don’t leave the person in the dark, in the dark, because you have other leads. A honest feedback, whether positive or negative, is the best mark of respect towards a person who devoted time to you, who took an interest in you.

In short, be yourself.

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