List of levels in Hearthstone Arena [Dec. 2020]

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Hearthstone, Blizzard’s deckbuilding phenomenon, enjoys continued success and support among its fans. Currently in patch 19, the game has seen waves of changes intended to improve the player experience by balancing the existing meta.

There’s plenty to unbox if you’re looking to take Hearthstone Arena seriously in competitive and ranked matches. To make this easier, we’ve compiled a tier list that ranks classes (deck builds) from best to worst. Each class plays uniquely with respect to each other, but some constructs have an objective advantage over others.

A description and overview of the best cards in each class are also provided to help you further. Let’s dive right into the list.

Note: This is a list of levels for the Hearthstone Arena game mode. We have made a separate listing for this found here.

Level S

High win rates in competitive play and ranked matches. Decks can be effective at any stage of a match, reducing possible pitfalls for players of various play styles.

ClassroomNotable CardsThe description
PaladinBlessing of authority

Turalyon, the holder

Zephrys the Great

Real money

Underlight Angling Lord

Paladin decks fit perfectly into an aggressive playstyle. You can create a powerful setup quickly, with minimal effort. Dragon synergies are still a part of the meta, so Paladin feeds off of them. Low cost common units like Truesilver Champion also get the job done most of the time.

The Paladin class is very easy for beginners to choose from, and they will experience great success as they continue in matches. All of his traits combine to make Paladin the only true overpowered class in Hearthstone yet.

Level A

Hearthstone Arena Tier List Tier A

Not overkill as an S level, but can easily bridge that gap with experience and skill.

ClassroomNotable CardsThe description
hunterPrimal Explorer

Zephrys the Great

Desert spear

Crescent Trueaim

Nagrand Slam

Primordial Explorer remains one of the main reasons for building a Hunter deck. The hunter shines thanks to his excellent compromise between value and resources. Like Paladin, you could go a long way with few resources on using a Hunter deck. Likewise, you can see your aggressive games rewarded due to Hunter’s excellent hero powers.

What holds Hunter from S-Tier is his lack of endgame options. In close matches, the Hunter deck is far from a sure win.

DruidSwamp hydra

Twilight Runner

Guardian Stalladris

Winged Guardian

Emerald Explorer

Speaker Gidra

The Druid class is best suited for players who always want good performance throughout the game. While not having the same luster as the more aggressive classes, Druid shines with its speed and its accumulation of mana reserve.

The Treant and Guardian Druid decks are the best ways to use the class. Try the Druid Class if you’re looking for consistency with a bit of sprinkled versatility.

Level B

Hearthstone Arena Tier List Tier B

Good classes that are still part of the Hearthstone meta. Need a few workarounds to make them work in top condition, but otherwise solid bridges all around.

ClassroomNotable CardsThe description

Gan’arg imprisoned

Reaper’s Scythe

Livewire Launches

Lord Barov

Challenger Warmaul

A quick glance at Warrior decks might remind you of playing aggressively. The best players, however, know that the strength of the Warrior class lies in the tactics of control.

The key to success with Warrior is building your deck for an endgame push. Pirate decks are built for exactly this purpose, making you almost unstoppable towards the end of the game.

Demon HunterMarrowslicer


Big whelp

Dalaran Crusader

Antaen imprisoned

Priestess of Fury

The Demon Hunter deck focuses on aggressive play from the start of the match. He aims to quickly overwhelm the opponent before he can regain his footing.

The Demon Hunter deck does this by capitalizing on quick, powerful damage. Countering the Demon Hunter is all about controlling his hero units and limiting the weapon cards they can use. Additionally, this deck struggles to deal with large minions with high HP.

mageJandice barov


Creative power


Reno the Relicologist


Dragon Queen Alexstrasza

The Mage class focuses on powerful attacks for offense and several tips for defense. They’re not as powerful as other offensive classes, but they make up for that with great utility and match control.

A Highlander deck setup is currently considered the best Mage class arsenal.


Hearthstone Arena Tier List Tier C

Classes that won’t blow you away but are solid choices if you know what you’re doing.

ClassroomNotable CardsThe description
NaughtyStab in the back



Edwin Vancleef

Secret passage


Smart disguise

Rogue is fun to play due to his early game mastery. Once the match is over, Rogue relies on setting up powerful combos and synergies to gain an advantage.

The main downside is that your success largely depends on your early game dominance and your mastery of setting up your combos.

Since the game’s initial release, the Miracle deck is still number one for the Rogue class.

warlockFlame Imp

Void Walker
Sick vulture

Dark glare

Nightshade Matron

Hand of Gul’dan

The Warlock class is difficult to use, especially for beginners due to its mechanics which require immense strategy in every match. It is used in slow or fast gameplay to take advantage of its hero powers.

The best deck for Warlock is the Zoo Wizard or zoolock to build. It’s an aggressive deck designed to flood the board with cheap minions to take control.

Level F

Hearthstone Arena Tier List Tier F

The worst classes to use in Hearthstone given the current meta. While every class in Hearthstone is viable with enough mastery, F levels are inherently at a disadvantage compared to other levels.

ClassroomNotable CardsThe description

Summon Frost

Corrupted Elementalist

Kronx dragon hoof

Fists of Boggspine

Galakrond, the storm

The shaman must play aggressively, but you will only reap the rewards after multiple turns. It has strong burst damage when set up correctly, but almost always weakens against experienced players.

Convincing infiltrator

Catrina muerte

Mass resurrection

The Priest is considered the most boring class to play against due to its resurrection mechanics and controlling playstyle.

Apart from any healing, the Priest struggles to complete matches due to a bad attack and even worse utility.

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