Legion Anime for Android (APK) – free download

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It’s a application designed for lovers of Japanese animation. This app has been developed to provide anime fans with the ability to enjoy both on-screen content and previous series. Thanks to all its content is Streaming, does not require external browsers to reproduce its programming.

So you can enjoy your transmissions without interruption, as long as you have a stable Internet connection. Legion Anime is compatible with Android devices from version 4.1 and iOS 12.1 or higher. It should be mentioned that the use of this app is completely free.


Legion Anime has a series of features that place it at the top of the favorite apps for fans of this type of transmissions. Of intuitive interface and structured in a way that can be easily understood by your audience, up to a extremely light weight compared to other market applications (15.88 MB).

With this app, users can access a specially organized content by categories, in a side menu that allows you to quickly find any genre. Well, they are stored by year, anime type, order, etc.

Likewise, in the Legion Anime main screen you will find the main reading options for the new chapters, to view them in HD quality Anytime you want. Moreover, you can download the section you like the most of the series and read it on your phone without having to be connected to the internet.

This application has an official page www.legionanime.xyz, which automatically connects to Facebook and allows you to access from your existing profile on the social network. There you will find answers to multiple questions, as well as access to the store, where you can buy amazing and attractive accessories.

In addition, this app includes other features or functions that enhance user experience, such as:

  • Integrated search engine: With this built-in tool, you can quickly locate your favorite animated series, either by searching it by name or by exact chapter.
  • Additional sections: Legion Anime includes other additional sections in the side menu, such as: “Favorites”, “Last 30 Seen”, “Done”, “Watch Later”, among others. This will allow you to store your content in a personal way.
  • Appearance customization: With this function, you can change the background color or font of the app and make it look more personal.
  • latin audio series: Legion Anime’s vast repertoire includes around 2,900 series, of which at least 100 are in Latin audio.
  • Daily update: All content is updated daily, to bring the latest Japanese series to your informed audience.
  • Native player: This option allows you to play your fair series from the minute you leave it.


Between the Legion Anime main advantages, are situated:

  • You can log into your Facebook account.
  • Content filter (does not allow Hentai series).
  • Constant updating of content.
  • Allows you to share comments with other platform users.
  • The content can be downloaded for later reading.
  • Compatible with older versions of Android.
  • Possibility to change the video playback quality.


Even if Legion Anime has many features and benefits, all is not perfect. For this reason, this app also has some negative aspects or disadvantages which are described below:

  • It tends to get stuck while reading.
  • I could have more Latin Spanish series.
  • It has background music which is annoying for users, however, this can be turned off from the settings menu.


In order to download Legion Anime on your deviceYou just need to download the application file and have enough storage space on your computer, before you start playing your favorite series.

Android (.APK)

Download Anime Legion for Android It is an extremely simple process, for that you just need to press the next button and it will start downloading this amazing app on your device.


According to Legion Anime Official Site, this application is available in the App Store under the name LanimeTo download it to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you must click on the following link:


In order to install Legion Anime on your Android or iOS deviceThere are some procedures you will need to follow, however, this is quite simple to do.


Installing Legion Anime on Android devices requires approval from unknown sources or origins, from the phone’s settings menu. This is to grant access to apps that come from a store other than the default.

To do this, you must:

  1. Access “General parameters” menu From the device.
  2. Drag the menu until you find “Advanced settings“And click on it.
  3. To choose “security”.
  4. Check the box “Unknown origins”.

Once done, you can start the installation by navigating to the folder containing the file (it is usually stored in downloads), click on the file and click “Install”. Wait a few moments for the process to complete, before you start playing your favorite animes.


For Apple devices, the setup is a bit easier. You should only download Legion Anime archive from iTunes. Once done, you will need to locate it in the “downloads”, Click on it and wait the necessary minutes for your application to be completely free on your phone.

To update Legion Anime on your mobile, all you need to do is go to the Play Store or the App Store, depending on your device’s operating system.


Updating this app on Android devices only takes a few minutes. Remember that you must have an Internet connection and sufficient storage space to perform this procedure. After that you will have to go to google play and locate in the side menu the option “My apps and games”.

A list of apps with available updates will be displayed, swipe until you find “Anime Legion“And press”Update”, This will start the automatic download of the new version, wait for the process to complete and run the application again.


In order to update Legion Anime on iOS you will need to open iTunes on your device, locate in the lower right corner the tab “Updates“Or”Upgrades”. Click on it and choose Legion Anime from the list of apps to update. If it does not appear, it means that there is no new version available.

Other versions

You can use Legion Anime on other devices o Operating systems other than iOS and Android. However, it does require some tools to be set up, like PC emulators.


To install Legion Anime on your laptop or desktop computer, you need the prior installation of an Android emulator for PC. This tool will allow you to break computer programming and use applications that are only available for Smartphone.


As with the Windows operating system, in order to use Legion Anime on Linux You need an emulator that lets you install this and all the apps you want.


It requires the installation of an emulator compatible with Mac OS, so you can use BlueStacks or Andy, as both easily adapt to your computer.

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