Learn how to write the € or £ symbol with your PC / Mac keyboard

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Depending on the AZERTY keyboard you are using, there may not be a € or £ sign. If this is your case, follow our tips to enter these special characters without problem.

If you are using Windows and your keyboard has a numeric keypad, then you can easily enter any symbol. To do this, simply hold down the Alt key and type the four-digit code.

  • For the € symbol, press the Alt key and type 0128 and it will appear in the text box or in the document.
  • If you have a Mac keyboard, then press the Option and $ keys simultaneously.
  • For the £ symbol, you need to hold down the Alt key and type 0163.

But, how do you go about it without a numeric keypad? To do this, use these shortcuts:

  • For the € symbol, press Ctrl + Alt + 4 simultaneously.
  • On a Mac, you will need to press the Option and 3 keys at the same time.
  • For the £ symbol, the winning combination is Shift and 3.
  • On Mac, these are the Option and 3 keys.

Copy paste

Why not just copy and paste the symbol from a web page. Select the desired symbol and using your mouse, for example, copy and paste it into your document.

Insert special character

Usually word processing programs have a dedicated symbol option, which is another way to get € or £.

In Word, for example, click the Insert tab and then click Symbol. You should find € and £, just click on them.

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