Learn how to download Amazon Prime Video series and movies

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Are you experiencing slowness with your internet connection? Want to be able to watch your favorite shows offline? Why not download your Amazon Prime Video series and movies to your smartphone or tablet. This will improve the quality of your videos while consuming months of cellular data.

Download content from Amazon Prime Video

The e-commerce giant’s video streaming service has grown in stature over the years. Its cinema catalog is enriched with cult films and series. Some titles have something to make competing platforms jealous.

To attract even more subscribers, Amazon Prime Video invests in the creation of original content. And the least we can say is that the result is astonishing. It is easy to find something to occupy on a Saturday evening.

On the interface side, Amazon Prime Video takes up what the competition offers and in particular Netflix. There are various shortcuts allowing you to search, access your playlist or go directly to a category. On the reception area, films and series are classified by style, popularity, etc.

Unfortunately, slow internet connections have a hard time handling video streaming. The contents load very slowly, buffering is frequent not to mention the very poor image quality.

Recover a movie or series from the Prime Video app

To remedy this problem, know that it is possible to download your movies and TV series directly to your phone’s storage space. This device is particularly useful when traveling to areas without any internet connection (plane, very isolated countryside).

  • Install the app Amazon Prime Video on your android device
  • Then make sure that your smartphone or tablet is well connected to your Wi-Fi
  • Enter your Amazon credentials to connect to the video streaming service
  • Select the movie or episode of the series you want to download
  • Open the description sheet
  • Look for the download button (arrow pointing down) placed next to or below the play button

Note that it is possible to download the entire season of a series with a single click. Likewise, the Prime Video application allows you to select the location where the content will be stored (microSD card, USB disks, etc.).

Please note that there are certain restrictions. You will not be able to download all of the content in the Prime Video catalog. So don’t be surprised if, when you go to a title’s detail page, you don’t see the download button.

Another important point is that downloads can only be done from the Prime Video app. It is therefore impossible to store content on a computer via the website of the streaming platform. You will need to install the software Amazon Prime Video from Windows Store.

How to watch a downloaded video

Once you have grabbed content from Amazon Prime Video, you can watch it on your smartphone or on your smartphone as if you were connected to the internet. The contents will appear in the download section located at the bottom of the screen. All you need to do is select the program to watch and press the play button to launch it.

After viewing a downloaded video, you might want to delete it. To do this, all you have to do is open the download tab, choose a content and then select the delete a download button.

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