Learn how to convert your VHS to DVD!

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With the advent of Blu-Ray and DVD video formats and their players, along with their improved video quality, it has become very difficult to watch VHS.

If you’ve been recording TV shows or filming family moments, and you don’t want to lose them, then just transfer them to DVD.

You’ll need a VHS video player, so if you’ve ever gotten rid of your old device, you’ll need to borrow or purchase one.

How to convert VHS to DVD format

Do some of your VHS have valuable content that you refuse to part with? So, don’t throw away your VCR / VHS player. If you no longer have it, know that even when it’s outdated, you can still find a new or used one.

Note, however, that like most devices with mechanical parts, there is no guarantee that a used VCR will perform well.

Over time, VHSs pick up dust and deteriorate, so before reusing them remember to clean them and rewind them manually, so that you can see what condition the tape is in.

If you have a VCR / player and want to digitize your VHS on your own, then why not transfer your video to your PC?

For this, the software MAGIX Sos Video Cassettes is a good solution. In this pack, you will find everything you need (a universal USB video converter, a Scart adapter, etc.).

The transfer process is easy to complete and you won’t have to worry about purchasing additional hardware.

Also, this easy-to-use software will allow you to improve the quality of audio, video, and even add effects. You will also be guided by tutorials.

Otherwise you can go through a combo player (most likely available second-hand, here on Cdiscount). With it, directly copy VHS to DVD and transfer to computer.

You can also connect the video output of a VHS player to the video input of a DVD recorder. To do this, you will need an A / V cable, Scart or an RCA composite video cable.

Since picture quality isn’t much of an issue with VHS tapes (since it’s inherently poor), the main criteria to consider when choosing software are price, ease of use. use, reliability and quality of support. As these aspects are not immediately obvious, try to consult a few reviews first. Converters cost around 36 € as this usb dongle from amazon.

How to digitize a VHS

If you don’t have a DVD recorder to digitize your VHS tapes, then use your PC, so you can back them up and burn them to disc.

For this you need a video recorder and a USB digitizer converter supplied with software.

As soon as you are ready, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your VHS video player to your PC using the converter cable. You may need a scart socket, complete with red, white and yellow cables.
  2. Start the software (supplied with the USB cable) and start playing your VHS tape, where you want to start recording, and start scanning.
  3. As soon as it is finished, do not forget to stop the tape.
  4. To burn your video to DVD, you can use the program Freemke (in English), this free software transcribes your VHS to disk.
  5. Insert a blank DVD into your computer’s DVD burner (if one does not have one, you can buy a cheap USB DVD burner).

If you are not comfortable with the technology know that different companies offer this service. crossroads, for example, offers to digitize magnetic cassettes on USB, DVD … Fnac can also convert your VHS.

How to watch the captured video on my phone or tablet

Freemake supports most video formats, so if you want to watch the video on your phone or tablet, just connect the device to your computer using its USB cable.

Copy the MP4 video file you saved earlier to the Videos folder on your smartphone. It should then be visible in your default video app.

If you have an iPhone, you can use iCloud Drive to store the video. The other solution would be to import the MP4 video to your iTunes library, then connect your phone (or iPad) to your computer and drag and drop the file.

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