Kingroot 5.4.0 for Android (APK) – free download

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It’s a application that allows you to “root” the phone, or what amounts to the same, breaking the factory settings even allowing to remove the applications established by default, such as Bluetooth. This tool only works to root Android devices from version 2.2 to 5.0 in its APK version.

It is useful when you want to expand the memory of your device either through partition or delete what is not useful to you and takes a lot of space in the internal memory of the mobile which makes it slow and difficult to use.

Version: 5.4.0 (Android)


Kingroot is a fairly simple application to use, makes it easier for the user to do everything at the push of a button. Thanks to its different options, it offers the possibility of clear device memory from cache or junk files.

In this way increase phone memory making it faster in terms of response time. This app is completely free Yes can be downloaded from different websites outside of the Play Store.

It is designed for those who want to improve the performance of their mobile and best of all is that you don’t need to register to use it. He has two versions (APK and PC) capable of supporting up to Android version 7.0. Royal root not available for iPhone.


  • Easy to use: Kingroot has an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface, with no complicated methods or steps for the user.
  • Save battery: Rooting your Android device removes apps running in the background, extending your battery life.
  • Allows you to personalize the phone: You can remove and add apps that are only allowed with superuser permissions.
  • Compatible with several versions of Android: With Kingroot, it is possible to root devices from Android version 2.0 to 5.0.
  • Grant administrator permissions: By removing factory settings, you become a super user who can control every detail of the mobile.


  • Factory warranty is lost: By transforming your phone into “root” you will lose any possible factory warranty on it, since it is a procedure outside the company.
  • Your terminal may take risks: Although this is a fairly quick and easy process, if you do it the wrong way you might turn your phone into a totally useless object, be careful and make sure you are completely safe doing it.

Download APK

In order to download the Kingroot APK on your device You can use various unknown sources, however, many of them may contain malware or harmful files which could have a negative effect on the phone.

Instead, if you like download Kingroot to your phone quickly and virus-free, press the next button.

The installation of this app on your terminal is very easy, once you download the APK you need to turn off the Android security protocols. To do this, you need to go to settings menu> advanced settings> security> unknown sources and check the box to allow installation of apps from unverified sources.

When installing a Play Protect Warning For the application you want to install, click on “details“, To choose “install anyway“And wait a few moments for the process to finish.

In order to update Kingroot to its latest version You will need to download the new APK and replace the one you installed on your mobile. Knowing about the latest update for this app is quite a quick and easy task to perform.

If you are not sure which version you have on your device, you can go to the information in the app and find out in a few minutes to compare it with the one available on the internet. If you have the most recent, you will not need any update.

On the other hand, if you notice that your app is older than the published one, repeat the download and installation process described previously to update Kingroot on your mobile.

Other versions

Kingroot is not available for iOS devices, however, you can download the app on your PC or Mac, if you have it.


The Kingroot PC version requires the USB connection of the device to the computer. It works the same as the APK, however, it will take a few more steps to start the process of rooting your terminal, for example granting access to the computer’s IP address from of developer options of the mobile.

You can download the Kingroot desktop version from any recognized source like Uptodown or Softonic.

Mac OS

Although it is not available for the iOS operating system, Kingroot can be downloaded and used on Mac OS for rooting different devices including computers with Windows operating system, laptops and desktops.

Its interface is fully tested and ensures ease of use for novice users and root experts.

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