it’s possible and here’s how

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You want to use WhatsApp but without your personal phone number. A number is essential to register on the social network and serves as your unique identifier. You must therefore have a number to send messages to contacts in your directory. If you absolutely want to avoid using your personal number, there is a solution to get around this constraint.

Unlike most instant messaging apps, a phone number is required to use WhatsApp and serves as a unique identifier. However, not everyone necessarily wants to go with their own phone number. Or maybe you want to create a second, more discreet account.

There are other rather specific cases. If you have a smartphone and use WhatsApp with your phone number and want to use the same number on a tablet without a SIM card, for example, you can use WhatsApp web on the tablet via a browser. No need to register a second number.

Register on WhatsApp without your personal number

The trick is not to do without a number to register since it is impossible to use WhatsApp without phone number. Rather, it is to verify the account with a virtual phone number. TextNow is one of the best apps for this kind of operation and it’s completely free. The only downside is that you only have access to an American number.

Download TextNow from the Play Store

After installation, you receive a number. Click on the 3 lines located in the upper left corner of your smartphone and you should see the virtual phone number. There is a more complete solution with the possibility of having a French number. It is OnOff but this service is chargeable (€ 3.99 per month). If you really want to use a virtual number, this is the best app.

You can only pay for a month or for a few months if you need it once. Once you have obtained your virtual number, open WhatsApp. Of course, no other number should already be configured on the smartphone. If this is the case and you really want to delete the account and its data locally, clear the WhatsApp cache and data to start over.

You have to go to Settings> Applications. Select WhatsApp then the option Storage and cache. Press on Empty the cache then on erase data. Upon opening the app again, it will behave as if it had just been installed. When configuring the account, provide the virtual number for verification by entering the corresponding code. An SMS will be sent to you to verify the account.

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You can also opt for verification by phone call. Choose this verification method and you will receive a call through the Textnow or OnOff app. Note the code dictated by the synthetic voice and enter it in WhatsApp to validate your account.

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