Is the PS5 backward compatible with PS3 games and accessories?

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The answer is somehow

Will the PlayStation 5 play the games of the PlayStation 3? Although the PS3 is an aging console, some people find it important to be able to play their old favorite games on their new favorite, the PS5. Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about the PS5 backwards compatibility with the PS3, including accessories that are compatible with the PS5.

Can I play PS3 games on the Playstation 5?

The short answer: Sort of.

It is not possible to put a PS3 disc in your PS5 and load it correctly. The disc player is unable to read the contents of the disc and simply does not work. However, there are other solutions that allow you to continue playing some PS3 games on PS5.

One of the most obvious and easy solutions is to use PlayStation Now. The subscription service allows you to stream games to your console with many titles available including PS4, PS3 and PS2 titles. It is not comprehensive, so some games you want to play may not be available on the service. In general, the most popular games are available on the service. So you might not be lucky if you want to play something relatively obscure.

However, the PlayStation Now method is the easiest and the one Sony encourages the most among gamers who want to take advantage of backward compatibility. It also has a 7-day free trial period, so you don’t have to commit to anything to try it out.

In addition, the PS5 can play almost any PS4 game available. This allows you to purchase a remastered collection of PS4 for certain PS3 titles. Many remastered collections are available. These include the Uncharted Collection, the God of War Collection, and a remastered edition of The Last of Us. Other non-Sony titles like BioShock and even Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are available in remastered version on PS4.

It’s worth checking out if your favorite PS3 title has been remastered for the PS4, which allows you to play it on the PS5.

If you have a PS5 Digital Edition, you will need to purchase the Remastered Collections from PlayStation Store rather than purchasing a physical disc, as the PS5 Digital Edition does not have a disc drive.

Can I use the PlayStation 3 accessories on the PlayStation 5?

For the most part, no. While the PS5 allows you to use a PS4 controller to play PS4 games, the PS5 is not compatible with any PS3 controller, even if you are playing a PS3 game. This is the case with the official Dual Shock 3 controllers and other licensed devices such as racing wheels.

PS3-based Blu-ray disc remotes also don’t work on the PS5, and neither do cameras like the PlayStation Eye.

You can use a wired headset with the PS5. So if you have used one with the PS3 before, it is still compatible with the latest PS5.

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