Is playing the PS4 retro gaming?

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Released in 2013, the PS4 is Sony’s penultimate console. If this powerful machine is one of the best-selling in the history of the Japanese firm, it was nevertheless replaced in 2020 by its big sister the PS5. But is the PlayStation 4 an old console to put away in the cupboards? Is playing the PS4 retro gaming? Let’s do a check in.

What is retro gaming?

Originally, retro gaming or retro gaming in French consisted of playing old video games. This concerns both console games and those released on arcade or computer. We then go back decades to a time when 2D and large pixels were on the rise. Retro gaming also takes into account the period when 3D was taking its first steps. At present, a part of the video game community considers as “retro” the games and consoles which are part of the first 4 generations (ie until the mid-90s), while another also includes in this category games from the early 2000s.

Retro gaming heritage: the PS4 out

In view of the above, it appears obvious that the PS4 is not part of the heritage of retro gaming. Included in this list are the PSone and the PS2, respectively marketed in 1996 and 2000. Released in 2006, the PS3 should soon join the family of former video game players.

Even though the PlayStation 4 has taken a bit of aging, it’s still a powerful and versatile machine. If you are not connected next-gen and prefer this console to its big sister, you can get a cheap ps4 on an e-commerce video game site to play your favorite titles. The Sony machine offers a very rich and varied catalog, with very interesting exclusives. From soccer games to RGP, FPS and fighting games, there is something for everyone.

Which PS4 model to choose?

Planning to buy a PlayStation 4? You will certainly be faced with a dilemma: the choice of model. Like all other Sony home consoles, this one exists in several versions:

  • The classic, standard or Fat PS4
  • The PS4 Slim
  • The PS4 Pro

The PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro are evolutions of the standard version released in 2013. More compact, quieter and less energy intensive, the Playstation Slim is also more aesthetic than the other two models. However, it is less powerful than its big sister the PS4 Pro which is considered a mid-generation console. This is a very powerful machine which has a more powerful GPU than that of the other 2 models. It is able to handle 4K in addition to making games run better, provided you have a 4K television. This will allow you to practice gaming in total immersion with clear and crisp images. In addition, the PS4 Pro has a hard drive with a larger capacity than other models. However, you have the option of increasing the storage capacity no matter which model you choose.

As you will have understood, the choice will depend on your desires and your needs. If you are looking for a small console, not very noisy and with a nice design, then bet on the PS4 Slim. If you like powerful, high-performance machines that can run games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Ghost of Tsushima with maximum graphics, go for the PS4 Pro.

Retro gaming: is it doable with the PS4?

Are you nostalgic for PS1 and PS2 games? Are you looking for the thrills and thrills of yesteryear? While the lack of backward compatibility is a real problem on the PS4, it can be fixed. Today, it is possible to run PSX games on the PS4 using emulators rather than playing on the original consoles. This will prevent you from cramming the machines into your living room. It is also a good opportunity to save money.

However, to get there, you have to find the perfect program. For example, all PS4 models are compatible with Mednafen, a software that allows you to emulate many retro consoles.

The PS4, an impressive success

Since its launch, PlayStation 4 has sold over 113 million units worldwide. The machine continues to make the success of the Japanese firm. Only the PS2 did better with more than 155 million copies sold. It is also the best-selling console in the history of video games.

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