IPTV: user manual – Tech Tip

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IPTV is a technology that has emerged in recent years and is tending to revolutionize the way we watch television. Indeed, with the development of the Internet and platforms such as Netflix or YouTube, television had begun to be abandoned in favor of these sites which allow access to virtually unlimited content at any time and in any place. The goal of IPTV is to reconcile people with the pleasure of watching television.

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The principle of IPTV

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television (in English) is a method of television transmission that operates using the Internet via an IP address. This relatively recent technology and how it works is not yet known to everyone. To understand what IPTV is, we’ll start by explaining how the classic TV transmission system works.

To operate, broadcasters use satellite or microwave transmission systems that allow them to broadcast signals picked up by televisions. In fact, you can only follow what is broadcast or have the choice between the different programs of the channels. This has become a major problem because the consumer cannot control what they watch.

This is where IPTV revolutionizes television because it has a totally different operation. This is because with IPTV, you don’t need to master the schedules to follow your favorite shows because the channels give you the possibility to enjoy time-deferred media, live or use video on demand ( VOD).

How IPTV works

IPTV can work on different media because it is possible to enjoy it on ordinary digital TV with a set-top box or on a computer with an ordinary web browser. In addition, a public internet connection or a private network is sufficient to allow you to access the contents.

The use of IPTV is quite simple because in order to have access to a program, the consumer only has to search for said program and the signal corresponding to it will be sent to him.

The connection to IPTV is made using the Internet, so you no longer need to equip yourself with a satellite dish or an antenna to access the various contents. An internet service provider and a connection are more than sufficient with IPTV. If your TV is not recent, purchasing a Android IPTV box may be needed.

On the other hand, IPTV is not just about online streaming because for those who wish it is possible to continue using a normal TV signal receiver. Both can be used together or alternatively on your television set.

Finally, we should mention that to choose an IPTV box, you have to take into account different factors:

  • Living memory;
  • Storage space;
  • The operating system ;
  • The number and standard of USB ports;
  • The brand of your equipment;

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