iPhone: how to hide your messages

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Are you worried that smart kids will dig into your messages? Would you like your conversations to be protected when you let someone else use your iPhone? Here are different ways to hide your messages so that only you can view them.

Hide iPhone message notifications

IPhone owners (even more than Android smartphone users) attach great importance to the confidentiality of their personal data. Apple also encourages companies and developers to inform users of the data collected by their applications.

The iPhone now has various tools to ensure the confidentiality of its personal information and in particular its text messages. But before you learn how to hide your conversations, you should also not forget to hide the message notifications that appear on the lock screen. It would be a shame if someone could stumble upon it.

  • Open the settings function of your iPhone
  • Scroll down the window
  • Click on the Notifications section
  • The new window will display the list of all the applications installed on your smartphone
  • Select the application that manages your text messages, namely the Messages app
  • Look for the options section
  • Click on the section show previews
  • Select the option if unlocked or never

You will understand, the first thing to do is to make sure that the content of your messages does not appear on the lock screen of your phone. The procedure described above will prevent someone else from reading your new unread messages.

Rest assured, you will receive an alert to notify you of the arrival of a message. But the content of the text will remain completely private. The preview will no longer automatically display on the lock screen of the iPhone.

Hide messages from a specific contact

Today, we all have one or more messages on our phones that contain information that we would like to keep secret. If so, you’ve come to the right page. IPhone offers a handy trick for hiding some of your conversations.

But be careful, this requires some preliminary modifications. For example, you will need to delete the contact whose messages you want to hide from your address book. If you don’t mind continue reading the rest of this article.

  • Open the contact card of the person whose messages you need to hide
  • Tap the edit button in the top right corner
  • Press the delete contact button
  • Then confirm the operation
  • Then open your phone settings
  • Click on the messages section
  • Select the option to filter unknown senders

Your correspondent’s messages will now appear in the list of unknown senders. However, this trick can have some drawbacks. As a reminder, Apple does not offer a native option to hide text messages in the Messages application.

There are different solutions on the App Store to protect SMS and private calls. This is the case, for example, with the CoverMe application. The latter uses an encryption algorithm to hide the content of your conversations.

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