iPhone: 4 ways to take a photo without touching your smartphone

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In recent years, and the success of social networks, it is difficult to miss the trend of selfies. However, with this photographic method, there is always a problem with the framing, it is often even impossible to take a group photo, unless you use a selfie stick or a tripod.

To avoid investing in new accessories, there are actually several ways to trigger your iPhone’s shutter button remotely. We will describe them to you in the rest of this article.

1. Use your Apple Watch

Apple Watch owners can take a remote photo on their iPhone using the Watch Camera app.

Indeed, it has features to control the self-timer, flash, Live Photo and HDR. For this to work:

  • Position your phone wherever you want.
  • Open the app Camera on your Apple Watch.
  • Press the shutter button.
  • By default, the photo is taken with a self-timer that kicks off after three seconds, but you can change this setting by pressing thethree dots icon.

Here you can also switch between the front and rear camera.

2. Use voice control

When the Camera app is open on your iPhone, you can press the Volume button to trigger the shutter, a better option than tapping the screen.

However, our even more favorite trick is to turn it on remotely, which you can do with your voice. On your iOS:

  • Go to Settings.
  • See you in Accessibility.
  • Under Voice control, activate the feature.

After which, open your application Camera and say Turn up the volume or Lower the volume to trigger the shutter instead.

3. Ask Siri

Also, you can enlist the help of Siri to capture your moments. Before that, you will first need to make your voice assistant accessible from your locked screen. To do this :

  • Go to Settings, then on Siri and research.
  • Press the function slider Allow in locked mode to activate it.
  • For more options, also operate the command Detect “Hey Siri”.

Siri responds to several voice commands. To open the Camera tool, announce “Hey Siri, take a picture “. You can also do this for video, with “Hey Siri, take a video “.

4. Use a bluetooth remote control

Finally, our last tip is to use a bluetooth remote to connect with your iPhone.

You will find different models on Amazon, many even cost less than 10 €.

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