iPhone: 2 ways to find a document downloaded via Safari

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When you download files from your Apple browser on iOS, it is not always obvious where they have been saved. However, it is not complicated since they are all stored in the same place.

2 ways to view your documents downloaded via Safari on your iPhone

Usually, you can find them in the Files app on your iPhone. However, to know the exact location, it’s important to know whether you store the files in iCloud by default, or locally on your device. You can find it out quite easily:

  • Open your iPhone settings and go to Safari.
  • Under General, tap Downloads.
  • Choose between iCloud Drive and On my iphone.

iCloud Drive

If your iPhone stores your downloads on iCloud, then you can still access them through the app Files. Once open, just tap on the tab To explore, then on the folder Downloads.

On my iphone

Even if you store your downloads locally on your iPhone, the process is almost identical to downloads on iCloud:

  • Open the app Files.
  • Choose On my iphone, tap on it to open a subfolder.

You will find the file there Downloads with all your files.

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