iPhone 13: what are the essential accessories?

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Apple continues to impose its brand with the production of the iPhone 13 range. The annual benchmark ranking of the firm Brand Finance Global established in January 2021 has indeed crowned it the most valued brand in the world. A position acquired above all thanks to the domination of digital communication and the dependence on online entertainment during confinement. After months of waiting, the iPhone 13 was finally released on September 14, 2021 with an even more improved formula compared to previous versions. Are you planning to buy this latest version of the smartphone? Here are the essential accessories to enjoy its use even more.

iPhone 13: the improved version of the previous series

During the traditional Keynote of September 14, 2021, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) and his team presented the characteristic features of the iPhone 13. Users and testers already confirm this announcement which took place at Apple Park . The latest series of the iPhone is available in 4 models: the iPhone 13, the Mini, Pro and Pro Max version. IPhone 13 takes the design of the iPhone 12, it is however slightly thicker and provided with a more compact notch. The improvement is mainly on the practical and technical aspects.

The device has a more efficient operating system thanks to its A15 chip, its 5 processor cores and its 4 graphics cores. The storage capacity of the new smartphone has doubled compared to that of the iPhone 12. A feature presented in three levels: 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. The iPhone 13 also gains in autonomy.

The basic version has 2 hours 30 minutes more than its equivalent from last year. This endurance is even greater for the Pro parts of the range. In addition, the improvement was also accentuated on its OLED screen become smoother and brighter. What about the camera? The iPhone 13 is equipped with a dual 12 Mpx sensor. Apple has mainly focused on improving the cameras for the Pro and Pro Max models. Now you can enjoy professional use with Cinematic Mode and ProRes format.

A protective shell to guarantee long-term use

The iPhone 13 is a high-end device, the purchase of which represents a significant investment. It is therefore essential to protect your smartphone against the risk of breakage and scratches due to bumps and light drops. To this end, go for a quality iPhone 13 case during your purchase. This way you avoid additional expenses and enjoy long-term use of your phone. As with all previous generations of iPhones, there are a multitude of shell offers on the market, presented in different ranges. Bet on models that match the size of your smartphone and meet your needs. Among the features of the best cases suitable for the iPhone 13 you will find products:

  • ultra-thin (thickness less than 1 mm), in order to keep the smoothness and lightness of your phone,
  • easy to maintain and pleasant to the touch thanks to the manufacturing materials (silicone, polypropylene, etc.),
  • semi-rigid, to ensure shock absorption capacity with a bit of flexibility to facilitate installation,
  • equipped with a raised border at the level of the camera to protect the glass of lenses, objectives, etc. of the camera,
  • designed with a border that protrudes at the level of the screen to prevent scratches,
  • available in several colors,
  • sold in a semi-transparent model, in order to preserve the design and highlight the brand of the smartphone.

Choosing a case for your iPhone 13 should not be taken lightly. Do not hesitate to spend more in order tooptimize the security of your smartphone. If you prefer protection to aesthetics, choose models that can withstand a fall from a height of 3 meters.

Glass screen protector

The tempered glass protective screen combined with the shell guarantees the protection of your iPhone 13. Among the multitudes of models on the market, choose the one that is able to withstand more shocks. An effective protective glass is able to withstand a pressure of 5 kg. The special coating of the tool protects your screen from scratches in the event of contact with keys or sharp objects. It also protects your screen from fingerprints, dust and humidity. Make sure the level of transparency of the protective glass so that you can unlock your smartphone with a Face ID. Although the screen protector is rigid, it should not have any impact on the sensitivity of the touch.

Do you plan to buy your protective accessory in a store or online? Try to compare quality and price. Remember to ask for the installation guide if your seller refuses to install it. Also check the cleaning kit helping you to install it accurately. The latter is composed ofa sticker to remove dust, a damp cleaning wipe soaked in alcohol, etc.

Chargers for better autonomy

Finding a way to power your device turns out to be a major problem when you find yourself in a place without electricity. In order to avoid this problem, it is preferable to equip yourself with one or more quality chargers compatible with the iPhone 13. You have many versions with diversified options on the market.

  • an Apple 20W USB-C power adapter (included in the smartphone box). Knowing that no power supply is integrated with the iPhone 13, this tool allows you to wall charge your device.
  • A 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 wireless home charger to power your iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, etc. at the same time.
  • An induction charger with a kickstand and a long cable (1 to 3 meters) gives you more freedom. Untie the wire and use the accessory as a tilt support, handy during your family Facetime.
  • A portable wireless power accessory that lets you enjoy up to 17 hours of extra video playback to add to your phone’s battery life.
  • A wireless and rotating car charger to power your phone while you are driving.

High-end phone power accessories are advantageous due to their compatibility with all iPhone 13 models (Mini, Pro and Pro Max). Some products (mains charger, induction charger, etc.) have IMEIs, a serial number designed to find the item in the event of fraud.

iPhone 13 accessories

Audio accessories

While the iPhone 13 is delivered without headphones in several countries around the world, French regulations require the Cupertino company to provide them with the smartphone. This measure aims to protect young users from elastic diffusions of radiation from the device. A wired EarPods with a Lightning connector is therefore included with the purchase. However, you will benefit even more from the advantages of your smartphone using more efficient headphones.

Purchase headphones or wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. There are many models that offer dynamic and pleasant sound. Also take advantage of the versions with a active noise canceling function. These accessories have batteries with a relatively long lifespan. This gives you greater freedom of movement. Enjoy your music for 6 hours with the wireless bluetooth speaker. The device offers three levels of bass thanks to its bellows system and a play of light synchronized with the songs. Without forgetting the headset. The device gives you the option of making phone calls to your contacts while you are doing other things.

Although the iPhone 13 is designed with very advanced features, having accessories compatible with the device optimizes its use. It is essential to equip your precious smartphone with a quality case. This tool protects it from the risk of breakage caused by the involuntary shocks of everyday life. Also give yourself more freedom by using chargers, sound accessories with a long autonomy. The iPhone 13 is now available throughout France since its release. Find your smartphone with the right accessories at Apple Stores and other authorized sellers. The devices are sold there at the same prices as their predecessors unless you spot promotional offers.

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