iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13: Is It Worth Improving?

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How does the new iPhone 13 compare to last year’s iPhone 12? is it worth upgrading?

Apple’s events in September are generally highly anticipated as they often feature the new iPhone lineup. This year was no different, Apple released its new iPhone 13 lineup, including iPhone 13, mini, Pro, and Pro Max models. The company showed how the iPhone 13 builds on the iPhone 12, including what’s new.

During the pre-recorded virtual event, CEO Tim Cook explained how Apple continues to make the iPhone “better, more powerful and even more fun to use”. The company also announced a new iPad and an iPad mini, alongside the Apple Watch Series 7.

However, the showcase for the show was the new iPhone lineup. So, we’ve covered the main differences between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 below.

The A15 bionic chip

The iPhone 12 runs on the A14 Bionic chip, which was the fastest chip in a smartphone until the introduction of the A15, on which the iPhone 13 runs.

Apple claims the A15 Bionic processor has over 15 billion transistors and loads graphics up to 30% faster than the A14. It has two new high-performance cores, four new efficient cores, a faster quad-core GPU, and a faster neural engine.

The company claims the A15 processor is 50% faster than smartphone competition, and competitors are still struggling to catch up to Apple’s chips from two years ago.


The iPhone 13 retains the same flat-edge design that was introduced with the iPhone 12 series. The design is inspired by Apple’s previous iPhone 4, which was the first iPhone to feature a flat, rectangular design. The iPhone 13 also features the MagSafe charger introduced with the iPhone 12 range.

Those who wanted the iPhone notch to be eliminated will be disappointed. The notch has been reduced by 20%, but unfortunately has not been removed. The rear camera module has also been redesigned (with the cameras facing diagonally, relative to the others), but other than that the iPhone 13 is visually almost identical to the iPhone 12.


Apple claims that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will have longer battery life than their predecessors. Specifically, iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 batteries will last 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours longer than iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, respectively.


Apple introduced a new wide camera sensor and a new lens in the iPhone 13 lineup. The tech giant claims it is the largest camera sensor it has ever installed in a dual camera system on his phones. The iPhone 13 also benefits from the Optical Sensor Shift Image Stabilization system that was introduced on the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year. This helps the lens stabilize the image under various conditions. There is also a new ultra-wide camera sensor.

The iPhone 13 also improved video performance. Apple introduced a new feature called Cinematic Mode. This function makes a smooth transition of the camera’s focus between different subjects depending on what is happening in the frame. It is a cinematic effect most often seen in movies. The system is also smart enough to change the focus when a subject looks away from the phone. You can also manually tap to change or lock the focus on your favorite subject.

Cinematic mode seems like a cool feature, but we’ll have to test it personally to see if it works as well as it sounds. Cinematic mode is also available on the iPhone 13 mini.

Support for 5G

Support for 5G for iPhone 13 has been extended. Apple says 5G will work on 200 carriers in 60 countries by the end of 2021, although this is also true for the iPhone 12, which also supports 5G.

Colors, storage and prices

Apple has kept prices the same this year; the iPhone mini starts at $ 699 while the iPhone 13 starts at $ 799.

Both phones come with 128GB of storage (double last year’s), which is a major upgrade from last year’s model.

IPhone 13 comes in five different colors: midnight, starlight, (PRODUCT) RED, blue, and pink.

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Should you upgrade?

This year’s lineup is a minor upgrade from the iPhone 12. So unless you’re a real die-hard Apple fan who needs the latest iPhone model no matter what, we suggest you leave this one if you have already. I have an iPhone 12.

Apple is notorious for introducing minor upgrades between major upgrades (which was previously done with the “S” models), and that also appears to be the case this year. However, if you’re using an older version of an iPhone like iPhone X or XS, an upgrade might be worth it (and even be overdue).

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