iPadOS 14: what’s new for 2020?

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The Pencil (stylus) available on several ranges of Apple tablets is also experiencing a real revolution! Handwriting and drawings are much better recognized thanks to Scribble on the new iPadOS14 version.

You will therefore be able to carry out searches from written words and convert any handwritten entry into typed text in order to simplify and accelerate your actions such as for example doing a search in Safari or respond to a iMessage.

As for your drawings, the intuitive recognition of shapes will give you the possibility of obtaining perfect geographical shapes, your curves will thus become straight lines and you can position them as you wish to add your illustrations as well as your diagrams.

You will also benefit from a data detector working with handwritten text that will recognize addresses, dates or even phone numbers and will allow you, for example, to display a location in Maps, add an appointment in Calendar and type a written number to make a call.

Of course, all these input and conversion steps carried out on tablets remain secure and confidential.

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