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Since the passage of the coronavirus pandemic, the economy of some countries has been devastated. The number of unemployed continues to increase. It can also lead to insecurity and the increase in shoplifting. In order to guarantee your security, you need to overhaul your locks and think about installing a surveillance camera. How to choose the right IP surveillance camera for you? This is not a problem. This manual will guide you.

How to choose an IP surveillance camera?

Before you buy a Foscam IP surveillance camera, you need to define your goals. You must ask yourself a few questions: “Do I really need to install a camera?” “,” Where am I going to place the camera? “. Need to equip your home? Discover an ip camera here.

After analyzing the situation from all these angles, you need to choose your camera taking into consideration the following criteria.

The technology highlighted by the device

In recent years, the world of video surveillance has changed. The quality of the image bands has improved. To avoid cumbersome situations, avoid cameras that offer a D1 or 960H format. Go for those that offer image formats between 720 to 1080 pixels. Thanks to this, you can closely observe all the details of your band.

The viewing angle and zoom of the device

Remember that the viewing angle and zoom of the camera should match your building type. For large stores, for example, it would be better to go for IP cameras that offer a wide-angle focal length of around 2.8mm. This will give you a viewing angle of around 95 degrees. This will be an opportunity to practice your activities in peace.
Would you like to monitor your gate or main entrance? We advise you to turn to IP cameras that offer a focal angle of 8 mm. This will be an opportunity to use the zoom without distorting the quality of the image.

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Night vision of the device

Following technical progress, some IP cameras are equipped with night vision. Offer yourself flawless protection by filming the comings and goings in your building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be careful, because some infrared IP cameras have their limits. Beyond 10 meters, some models perceive nothing.

The design of the device

In the field of remote monitoring, design is summed up by the shape of the camera itself. So far, we can distinguish: the camera in the form of a “tube”, the camera in the form of a “dome” and the camera in the form of a motorized PTZ.
Note that the “tube” camera is recognized thanks to its standard foot which can be fixed anywhere. Whether on the ceiling or on the walls, it has a very good grip.

Distance vision of the device

Thanks to the distance vision, you can monitor your home via your smartphone. It is a new technology that has revolutionized the world of remote monitoring.

Characteristic features between wired and wireless cameras

Here, wireless cameras refer to models that work using a wifi connection. You can choose the model that suits you according to your budget.

Wired IP cameras

It is a standard model that is easy to install and is suitable for any budget. However, they have a distance restriction. Would you like to monitor a large space? Go for wireless cameras.

Wireless IP cameras

They are easy to use and can be constantly connected with your cloud. Moreover, some models have the ability to detect the slightest movement over 100 meters. However, they are very expensive.

The advantages of a camera with microphone

By switching to an IP camera with microphone, you have the possibility of watching the slightest movements of passers-by. Always in full innovation, the microphones cannot pick up the voice of a person if it is less than 0.5 meters from the camera. Also, if there is no background noise, listening to the soundtracks will be very unpleasant.

The advantages of an HD camera

Note that HD cameras offer very fluid lighting. In the event of a break-in, it will allow you to carry out facial identification.

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