iOS 15: Apple helps you focus with its ambient sounds

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When background noise appears on an iPhone, it is often a sign of a bug. However, in iOS 15, this will actually be a new feature.

The official launch of this update to Apple’s operating system, which was unveiled last June, is slated for soon. Among its novelties, tested in beta, there is one that particularly interested us.

Called Background Sound, this is basically a health related feature that deliberately generates background sounds on your iPhone.

Enable background sounds

To activate this feature of iOS 15, there are two ways to proceed:

  • After updating iOS 15, open Settings.
  • Meeting on Accessibility.
  • Scroll down and select Audio-visual.
  • Then, activate the option Its in the background.

Here you will also be able to set their sound level and determine if you want them to also play when your iPhone is locked.

Otherwise, the other way to activate this function is to go through your Control center, for that :

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen, or from the bottom to the top, depending on your iPhone model.
  • Tap on theear icon.

If the latter is not displayed, then go to Settings, select Control center, then add theear icon.

Sounds included

With iOS 15, six different noises are intended to help the user minimize distractions, focus, and relax. Here is the list:

  • Balanced noise
  • Clear noise
  • Dark noise
  • Ocean
  • Rain
  • Watercourse

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