Install Fortnite on an iPhone despite Apple’s ban

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Apple has just terminated the developer account of the company Epic, making it impossible to install many games, especially Fortnite. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play your favorite shooting game anymore. Today we are offering you a method to reinstall Fortnite on iPhone or Apple tablet.

Why it is no longer possible to install Fortnite on iPhone and iPad

The information fell at the beginning of last month. Apple has decided to remove all Epic products from its App Store. The phenomenon game of the year, Fortnite with nearly 125 million players, can no longer be installed on an Apple mobile device.

So how did we get there? Well, as you already know, Fortnite is a game accessible for free but offering premium content (costume, weapon, etc.). These In-App purchases are made directly within the mobile application.

However, as Fortnite is available on the App Store, Epic is forced to pay Apple a 30% commission on all purchases. This is a rule implemented by most application stores (App Store and Google Play Store).

The publisher Epic deeming this anti-competitive tax has set up a direct payment system allowing the purchase of virtual currency (V-Bucks) without going through that of the App Store. The sentence was not long in coming. Apple has removed Fortnite from its store.

How to install Fortnite on your iPhone

Epic and Apple have embarked on a long and costly legal battle. It is therefore unlikely to see Fortnite reappear on the App Store in the coming weeks. As a result, iPhone and iPad owners can no longer download this game to their device.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to bypass the ban put in place by Apple. But be careful for this to work, it is imperative that the user has already subsequently installed the game on one of his Apple devices.

Not many people know it, but Apple’s app store offers the possibility of reinstall an application previously acquired. And this even if the latter is no longer available on the App Store. Here is the procedure to reinstall Fortnite on an iPhone.

  • Launch the App Store
  • Click on your avatar icon (the image you have chosen for your Apple ID account) at the top right
  • Select the purchasing section
  • The new window will display the list of previously installed apps and games
  • Look for the Fortnite game
  • Click on the cloud icon to start the download process

Be careful if you have never downloaded the game from your Apple account, this tip will be of no use to you. You still have the option of asking a loved one to lend you their Apple ID a few minutes, the time to download the game.

You should also know that iPhone players will not be able to take advantage of the latest improvements in the new seasons. This is not without posing some problems. Indeed, Fortnite users can only play with gamers having an identical version.

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