Instagram: here’s a tip to track your unsubscriptions

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Instagram, one of the most downloaded social networks by Generation Z, now has over a billion users. Among them, many are the profiles to race for followers. Even for those who log on simply to share moments of life with their loved ones, subconsciously, the total number of subscribers matters.

When it drops, curiosity even pushes to research who might be the people who have stopped following you. To find out, you can go through your subscriber list name by name, however, it could take you forever.

To make your job easier and avoid wasting time, we recommend the application Reports: Followers tracker, we also explain how to use it.

How do you know who is no longer following you on Instagram?

When a new profile follows you, Instagram will notify you. On the other hand, you are never warned when you lose followers.

To be informed, the App Stores, iOS and Android, are full of applications of all kinds, some of which are capable of establishing global audience reports on the platform.

For this tutorial, we downloaded Reports: Followers tracker. With its free version, you will have access to two features: New followers and Lost Followers. As their names suggest, the first lets you see your new subscribers and the second identify who deserted your account.

If you want to take advantage of more advanced options, then you will need to subscribe to its Pro version (€ 2.99 / month or € 19.49 / year).

To discover your unfollowers, you just have to download and launch Reports: Followers tracker from your app store. Then, log into your Instagram account.

Then, you will only have to navigate on its interface to locate the unsubscribed profiles.

Here are some alternatives to Reports: Followers tracker :

Be careful, it seems that Instagram is regularly changing the way apps third parties access his API (Application Program Interface). Therefore, some options may be blocked while updating it.

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