huge leak of 100GB of internal data and documents

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A German media “Handelsblatt” was able to get its hands on a volume of 100GB of leaked data directly from the premises of the American brand Tesla.

Handelsblatt, the media behind this scoop, published a whole article or rather a disturbing investigation into the reliability and security of Tesla self-driving cars based on leaked information around the management of personal data, customer complaints and after-sales service management, Autopilot accidents and phantom braking.

The 100GB file shared with the German newspaper contains approximately 23,000 internal files of which we find customer complaints and returns from 2015 until March 2022 and it concerns abnormal behavior and problems of their Tesla at the level of the Autopilot system and the FSD (Full Self-Driving).

In summary, and according to the media, among the complaints revealed by the leaked documents, we list:

  • 2400 complaints around the problem of involuntary acceleration of the Tesla car
  • 1500 complaints for braking problems, 139 cases of involuntary emergency braking and 383 phantom braking caused by false collision warnings.
  • The files also go back 3000 accident reports

It should be noted here that the journalists were able to go and investigate certain customers who were identified in the incident reports in order to verify whether the data corresponded to real cases of customer complaints.

And here too we can talk about a problem of personal data without protection or privacy policy which will surely trigger legal proceedings for non-compliance with the protection of personal data RGPD.

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