How to win contests and sweepstakes on Facebook and Instagram easily

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Those of us who have been Facebook users since the early days of the most popular social network in the world, know that among the many contents that this platform makes available to us are some such as competition.

Facebook contests are almost always organized by companies or stores who want us to follow them, to put our likes, to become followers of their content or to comment on their posts, in exchange for a raffle.

Now if you’ve never won a contest on Facebook and want this to be your first time, just keep reading, because we’re going give you some tips and tricks which could be very helpful for you.

Follow these recommendations, before entering a Facebook raffle

Before we begin, we must recommend that whenever you talk about contests on Facebook or any other social network, you should take the trouble to review in detail the policies of the same, theso called fine print, because if we are not allowed to receive the award due to geographic reasons or have violated the requirements, then the rest will be of no use.

Second, and kind of like we mentioned before, whenever we talk about these contests we mean the need to like, add comments or share the content, so that you should be ready to perform these actions.

If you think this is a very operational and tedious task, it’s best not to even participate. Maybe these kinds of activities are not for you and it is better to be enjoyed by someone else.

Another important point has to do with how many facebook contests not only to comment on their posts, but also to have been friends andclose, then love or love these messages to be the winner. If you don’t have a long contact list, you are going to find this aspect a bit difficult.

If you have already taken note of all of the above, then you are able to know some great tips for winning contests on Facebook and to win the prizes or benefits they offer. We hope the information posted in this post is very helpful and we encourage you to tell us about your experience in the comments if you get a prize.

Tip to increase your chances of winning contests on Facebook

The best option you have to win a contest of these is to participate with different Facebook accounts, because this doing, you will simply have more possibilities, doubling the originals by the number of profiles you use. Therefore, you should ask all of your friends, family, or colleagues to do you the favor of participating to improve your options.

Facebook multi-accounts to win sweepstakes and contests

In the event that the competition requires as in the comment you made, we will recommend sending these people loved ones private message contest asking them to like or like the photo, with a good reason for them to do so. Most will be ready to lend a hand.

If we want to win a contest or sweepstakes on Instagram the first thing to keep in mind are the rules. If we have them clearly, we are not committing any violation that disqualifies us and causes us to lose the prize.

Instagram contests are generally focused on following aally brand, like and maybe leave a few meaningful comments or many comments, the more likely you are to win according to the creators of the vast majority of these contests.

Another recommendation for winning a contest with this app is to apply to a good number of draws, the idea is to increase the chances to win, the more we participate the more options we will have.

For that, we can search hashtags related to this topic such as #sorteoinstagram #concursoinstagram #concurso follow them to constantly send us options to apply.

Another tip is to comment out every fraction of the time. Not to say it all, most contests choose winners from followers they have commented on. If at each time interval we give our participation, we increase the probabilities of being selected.

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