How to watch YouTube with Picture-in-Picture on Windows

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A lot of times we do different tasks, but we need to see a video and we can’t switch tabs. What can we do? Learn how to view and use YouTube with Picture-in-Picture on Windows Is the best solution.

YouTube’s picture-in-picture feature is very useful and suitable for a multitude of situations. Better yet, it is not at all complicated to activate it. This is something that we will see a little more below, step by step, and you can quickly enjoy your favorite YouTube videos while doing your daily activities.

Picture-in-Picture on YouTube

We start in any browser, then we will have to visit the YouTube website. We will find the video we want to see in Picture-in-Picture. We have to click and start playing it. Then we will have to right click on the video twice, it should not be too fast.

When we do, the first context menu will be all black, while the second will be white and that’s precisely the one we’re interested in. Here we will have to click on “Picture in picture”.

What this will do is put the video we are watching in the lower right corner of the screen. Just above the clock icon. Now we can drag it anywhere. This way, we can calmly work with the video in a place that we don’t mind, but that we can view it.

Another thing we can do is change the size of it, we will just have to put the mouse pointer in one of the corners of the video and that’s it. We will do this the same way as if we were to resize another window.

Once you have finished watching the video, you can return it to the YouTube page as usual. All you have to do is tap the screen until an icon appears at the bottom that says “Return to tab”.

As you will see, it is quite easy to watch YouTube with Picture-in-Picture on Windows. If you still have any doubts, you can leave it in the comment box and we will be happy to help you resolve it as soon as possible.

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