How To Watch Full Movies For Free On YouTube

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To watch free movies on YouTube The platform must be accessible through a Gmail account, where there are various functions to enjoy this content. One of the easiest ways to find full length feature films is to enter specific channels, via the search bar and rent or buy a tape using the YouTube Movies & Series feature.

YouTube is a social platform focused exclusively on posting videos, among these movie tapes. Therefore, it is possible to find channels that share this kind of content, That is in the public domain or with Creative Commons licenses. Some of the best YouTube submissions include: “Night of the Living Dead”, “The Drill Assassin” and “Silent Night, Bloody Night”.

There are many Ways to Find Full-Length Feature Films on YouTube, either when accessing specific channels, via the search bar or from the YouTube Movies and series function.

Via the search engine

The easiest way is to use the YouTube search engine, which is on your home page. However, by performing this type of search, the user is likely to find content that does not have the corresponding copyright. In general, just place words like “the title of the feature film + the complete film in Spanish”. Likewise, it is worth entering “title + public domain of complete film”.

Access specific channels

Watch free movies on YouTube.  How to find them by going to specific channels
It is possible to find channels that support collect full movies in spanish, once the copyright has expired, after 50 and 70 years after the death of the creator of the said work. As a result, it is common find old movie content on YouTube. However, there is channels that can download different feature filmsbecause they have Creative Commons rights or licenses. Some channels of this class are:

  • Carcanal: different offers classic Spanish cinema works, accessible via the following link.
  • YOUR FULL MOVIES IN SPANISH: has a wide choice of movies of different genres, among these: comedy, science fiction and romance. To enter this channel, use this link.
  • Animated films: As its name suggests, it offers a selection of cartoon feature films, intended for children. This channel can be found by entering this link.
  • Cinetel Multimedia: has a wide choice of classics with their corresponding licenses, through various agreements. To enjoy its content, you must use this link.

Use YouTube movies and series

The platform has a section called “YouTube Movies and Series”, which allows to rent or watch for free with ads, various trendy or recently released content. It should be noted that this function not available in all countries, so it is necessary to use VPN. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to YouTube Movies & Series via this link:
  2. Select feature film you want to rent or buy. You will also find free sections with advertisements.Watch free movies on YouTube.  How to find them using YouTube Movies & TV.  2nd step
  3. Entering the movie, you will find the rental or purchase options. Click on the one of your choice.Watch free movies on YouTube.  How to find them using YouTube Movies & TV.  Step 3
  4. Then you have to choose if you want pay by credit card or via PayPal to enjoy the band.Watch free movies on YouTube.  How to find them using YouTube Movies & TV.  Step 4
  5. At the end of the payment process, you can see the feature film without problem.

The best films in Latin Spanish

YouTube has a large number of films in Latin Spanish, mostly old and with legal transmission licenses. Among the best:

Perversity (1945)

It is also called “Scarlet Street” and “Bad Woman”, which was directed by Fritz Lang. Tell the story of a married cashier who is not happy, which is distinguished by a particular talent: painting. Then, he meets a young woman with whom he falls in love and that makes you believe that you can be successful as a painter. However, this person will do anything to take advantage of this man.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Its English title is “Night of the Living Dead” and it was a horror tape, whose director was George A. Romero. In it, it is told how the deposits generated let the dead rise from their graves and attack the citizens. The events begin when Barbara tries to flee to a farm, where there is a man named Ben, who they will try to protect themselves at all costs from zombies.

The Drill Killer (1979)

He is known in English as “Killer” and had Abel Ferrara as director. It is a feature film with gore and horror scenes, which tells the story of Reno Miller, an artist dedicated to selling paintings to pay off his debts. However, as events unfold, the protagonist will be carried away by madness, killing anyone near him. Access the full film via this link.

Agricultural rebellion (1954)

It’s a animated film based on the work of George Orwell, directed by John Halas and Joy Batchelor. In this feature film, the public will get to know the Little Farm, whose animals start a rebellion against Farmer Jones, leading to Animal Farm. However, the Napoleon pig will take over and establish a tyranny, thus evoking a communist system.

Farewell to Arms (1932)

It was under the direction of Frank Borzage, and was entirely based on the novel “Adiós a las Armas” or “A Farewell to Arms”, by writer Ernest Hemingway. The story takes place in Italy during the First World War, in 1914-1918, where what happened between Catherine Barkley and Frederic Henry is told, a nurse and an American soldier.

Silent Night, Bloody Night (1973)

It is the product of director Theodore Gershuny, who focuses audiences on the year 1950, when Wildfred Butler’s body was found charred in his garden. 22 years later, his grand-son, one of the city’s new lawyers arrives to sell the property in which Butler died. However, the selling this place will trigger a series of deaths.

They made me a criminal (1939)

It’s a movie with a big message, which was directed by Busby Berkeley. Start when Johnnie Bradfield becomes world boxing champion, winning the love of the public on the basis of lies about his origin. Yet one night drunk confesses the truth to a journalist, so his manager kills him to prevent the news from being published, thereby blaming the boxer for the heartbreaking fact.

The Carnival of Souls (1962)

Its original title is “Carnival of Souls” and was directed by Herk Harvey. It’s a film that fits the genre of horror and psychological drama. It deals with the story of Mary Henry who, after having an accident on a suspension bridge, you will notice that your environment has changed and the limits that differentiate the world of the living and the dead disappear, giving birth to ghostly beings.

Remember (1945)

Its original title is Stellbound. Its director was Alfred Hitchcock and relates how Dr Constance Petersen doubt of doctor edwards and his mental stability, which has just arrived at the clinic to replace Principal Murchison. According to Pertesen, it is a mentally ill who murdered the real doctor and don’t remember anything, so should help him find his memories.

Wasp Woman (1959)

It is a film belonging to the science fiction and horror genre, directed by Roger Corman. It tells the story of a doctor who claims to have found the way to get eternal youth from the enzymes of a wasp. In this case, Janice is a woman who dares to take this serum and starts showing side effects after drinking this potion, transform into a sight-shaped monster abominable.

10 Negritos (1945)

It is also known as “And there was none left”, based on the detective novel by writer Agatha Christie. Tell how eight people receive an invitation to the “Isla del Negro” on vacation, an exclusive place created by a millionaire. Precisely, the mystery begins with respect to who signed the letter, since it is a very sympathetic stranger. Therefore, everyone is okay to go, but the reality is that they will start to be killed one by one.

2067 (2020)

It is a sci-fi feature film directed by Seth Larney, which places audiences in the distant future, where climate change has generated that humanity uses artificial oxygen in order to survive. In these conditions, Ethan’s wife is sick, so this man will have to travel in the future to find a cure.

Broken Chains (1946)

Its original title is “Great Expectations” and it’s a film adaptation of the novel “Great Expectations”, by director David Lean. Tell Philippe’s story, the son of a blacksmith who have enough money to leave in London to be polite and entertain Miss Havisham, a wealthy middle-aged woman.

The Hard Way (2019)

It is an action film, the original title of which is “The Hard Way”. It recounts the events that occurred when a ex-soldier finds out his brother has been killed on an important mission in Romania. So, is responsible for discovering this mystery and look for powerful allies take revenge on the guilty.

The Passenger (2018)

It is a film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, which begins when an executive named Michael, after having had problems at work, I know meet a mysterious passenger in the train. This will start a series of criminal events in which he will be involved, which will put his life in danger. If you want to see it, use the following link to the full movie.

Watch free movies on YouTube is a free and easy-to-access option for those interested in feature films 90s, as well as in functions intended to rent or purchase current cinematographic equipment.

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