How to watch Disney + on your TV

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If you have children or if you have kept your child’s soul, the Disney streaming service is obvious. But once your subscription is taken out, the problem arises of accessing the service on your television. Whether you have a Smart TV or a simple TV without an internet connection, there are different solutions to enjoy Disney + on the living room screen.

Enjoy Disney + on your television

The Disney + video streaming service has just welcomed a new Star channel aimed at adults. The catalog is thus enriched with films and around forty series (24 Heures chrono, X-Files, Alias, Castle, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, etc.). This is one more reason to purchase a Disney + membership.

If you plan to subscribe to the SVOD platform of the firm with big ears, know that no Box offers special offers for Disney +. At the time of writing, internet service providers (Free, SFR, Orange or Bouygues) are content to market Canal + offers.

You should know that in France, the Canal + group has negotiated the exclusivity of the Disney + SVOD service. Concretely, this means that if you have a Canal + pack (Ciné Séries + pack, Famille + pack, l’Intégrale + from Canal + or the + pack) and a latest generation decoder, you will be able to enjoy cartoons and all the content. Disney on your television.

Download the Disney + app on a connected TV

Obviously not everyone wants to subscribe to a Canal + subscription to enjoy Disney + on their television. Note that even though Canal + is the exclusive distributor, Disney + remains available in OTT (over the top). As a reminder, an OTT multimedia service is a service accessible directly on the Internet without going through operators and television channels.

In other words, it is quite possible to subscribe to Disney + directly from the site. But be careful, not all television models are compatible. The Disney + service supports Android TVs, LG WebOS smart TVs, and Samsung TVs using the Tizen operating system.

  • Open the home page of your television using your remote control
  • Click on the Apps section then select the Google Play Store option
  • Tap the magnifying glass icon to launch the search module
  • Click on the red microphone icon and say the name of your app (here Disney +)
  • Otherwise use the on-screen keyboard to enter the name of the app
  • Select the application then press the install button
  • Then return to the home page of your television
  • Click on the Apps section and select the application you have just installed
  • Press the connect button
  • Enter your login details

Now all you have to do is choose the content you want to view and click on the play button. Please note that the procedure may be slightly different depending on the television model.

What devices are supported by Disney +

Not everyone has a smart TV. Luckily Disney + is here to help. Indeed it is also possible to access SVOD from a multimedia key such as Chromecast. Below is the list of feed readers compatible with Disney +.

  • Amazon FireTV
  • Apple AirPlay
  • Apple TV (4th generation and later)
  • Chromebook
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Xbox Vizio SmartCast TV

Most of these devices come with an app store that will allow you to download the Disney + app. To this list, you can add Android TV compatible internet boxes such as the Freebox Mini 4K, the Bbox 4K or the Bbox Miami.

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