How to view recently visited locations in Microsoft Teams

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When we need to work with multiple teams, channels, tabs, chats, and meetings. Finding a file or folder that we’ve used recently can be tricky. Fortunately, it is possible to see the recently visited places at Microsoft The teams. There is a way to see the last 12 files or folders that we have used.

Imagine we are quite complicated with the job, we have to multitask and maybe we need to access recent files. It can become a real nightmare when we are short on time and need to get it done as quickly as possible.

Microsoft Teams allows us to access the last 12 files we recently used with just a few clicks. This is very useful if you are familiar with the forward and back buttons of web browsers. So, without a doubt, it will be quite easy to administer.

Access recently used files or folders in Microsoft Teams

The team back and forward buttons are very easy to access. They can be found in the upper left corner of the app. We have an arrow that points to the left and another to the right.

They work as you imagine. By clicking on the arrow pointing to the left we can go back to the last location we visited in Teams. While the arrow pointing to the right allows us to move forward.

View the last twelve recently visited locations in Microsoft Teams.

But there is a faster way to visit these places that we have seen recently. If you leave the mouse over the navigation buttons for a few seconds. The teams will show us a menu with the last 12 places we visited in the app.

Therefore, all we need to do is just click on the location where we want to go and that’s it. This way, we can quickly access recently visited locations in Microsoft Teams.

As you can see, this is something extremely simple and very useful that will save us a lot of time and especially headaches. However, if you still have any questions you can leave them in the comment box which you can find a bit below and we’ll be happy to help.

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